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Mackmyra Vinterrök (Review)

Another Sunday in advent, another opportunity to have a winter’s dram. Today, my drink of choice is the Vinterrök by Swedish distilling wizards Mackmyra. Released to the market in 2015 as part of the distillery’s… 213 more words


Bottle Market 2016 (Event)

On Saturday, November 19, me and my friends got up early and took the 9:15 train from Hamburg to Bremen to attend Bottle Market 2016… 674 more words


Mackmyra Blomstertid

The Mackmyra Blomstertid bottled at 46,1% is a limited edition from the seasonal series. At Maltstock I had a chance to sit down with this one for a nose and taste. 198 more words


Mackmyra Brukswhisky 41.4% abv 

Mackmyra was one of the distilleries that I wrote about in the around the world series of posts, it is the one I would most want to visit in Sweden. 425 more words