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Coming soon; book-launch on the occult, esoteric and 'spiritual' aspects of The Beatles...

Well, I thought I’d post-up the following information regarding a forthcoming Beatles-related event taking place in Ireland in case you or any one you know might want to go along – after all, it appears that the topic of the day will be very much attached to the band’s occultic/“esoteric” and ‘spiritual’ leanings and influences on culture… So then… lifted directly from the page… 344 more words

A night with Ken MacLeod and Chris Brookmyer 

Jump into your spaceships, let your imaginations run wild and strap yourself in for a night where we go boldly where no man or women has gone before. 226 more words


Enjoy Surfing, Scuba Diving, short trekking and snorkeling at Macleod Island

Macleod Island is one of the unspoiled islands in the Mergui Archipelago which offers unimaginable scenes of splendor to snorkelers and scuba divers alike in the waters off its coasts.It is also a perfect place for bird watching, short trekking and jungle safaris as it is densely wooded and hilly. 96 more words

Monday Communion Thanksgiving (Gaelic)

Rev Murdo Macleod (Retired) Sermon from Cross Free Church of Scotland in Ness (October 2017 Communions) freely available to listen to and download:

Date/Time: 09/10/17, Monday (Communion Thanksgiving Gaelic) 12pm… 25 more words


They’re Only Crayons

​Just because I couldn’t meet up to the time for the continuation of Fighting for Joseph’s Love, I want to share with you a book I read this morning.

617 more words

Bansic Opportunity Shop - MacLeod

This tiny little Op Shop in MacLeod hasn’t been open long but does need some love and care. There is another Op Shop further down which is larger, lighter, brighter and more organised which really puts this one to shame. 346 more words

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Attentional bias

Theorist(s):    J. Mark G. Williams 🇬🇧 F.N. Watts, C. MacLeod, & A. Mathews.
Year:               1997
Publication:   Cognitive psychology and emotional disorders
Field:               Psychology
ISBN:               978-0-471-94430-0… 336 more words