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America’s largest and longest open secret

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By BK Lim

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If you are still wondering on the connection between… 8,820 more words


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How to Fix the BP Well in the Gulf by Walter Coin

He says this –

TO:  BP Oil Co. –

RE: Macondo Oil Well problem in the Gulf of Mexico

I believe my ideal is a high level fix for the current problem from the Gulf Oil Field Leak. 178 more words

Ambient Cuttlefish Waters

Massive Coral Die-Off

Massive deep-sea coral die-off found near BP oil disaster source in GOM

Large colonies of bottom-dwelling coral were found covered in a black substance, most probably crude oil, at a depth of about 1,400m (4,600 feet) near the damaged Macondo wellhead, NOAA scientists said. 133 more words

BP Oil Disaster

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill - Latest Info

Dispersants may have forced crude to the ocean floor: Report

The largest environmental disaster in American history will get larger still

University of South Florida researchers believe that crude oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill may have settled to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico at levels toxic to marine life and further east than previously thought. 151 more words

Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill

Killing the Fabric of Life on Earth

How Much More Oil, Coal?

Where exactly you said you were going to?

BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico – Satellite Image

Natural-color image captured on July 28, 2010 by… 61 more words

Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill

Mischievous BONNIE Heads Toward GOM

Image of the Day

Tropical Storm BONNIE about to Hit Florida Coast on the Way to Gulf of Mexico

BONNIE is the second named storm of the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season. 13 more words

Gulf Of Mexico Oil Leak

GOM Oil Disaster - Satellite Images - Headlines

GOM Oil Disaster: Day 87

Above photo-like image was captured by MODIS on NASA’s Aqua satellite at 18:55 UTC on July 14, 2010,. Source: NASA E/O. 144 more words

Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill