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Walking By The Village On A Rainy Day...P.V.Shaji Kumar's Memoirs

This book- Itha Innu Muthal, Itha Innale Vare- was thrust into my hand by the manager of the bookstall. ‘You will enjoy it Madam. It is written very well,’ He said.   780 more words



DIRECTOR: Sudabeh Mortezai

CAST: Ramasan Minkailov, AslanElbiev, KhedaGazieva

Macondo is a tale that traces the journey of a young boy (Ramasan Minkailov) who has to deal with important issues like being an immigrant and being the only and responsible male of his family apart from facing the challenges of adolescence. 145 more words


Engineers Love Circuses Too

Growing up in the outskirts of a sleepy Town, Tyra and her family have had the misfortune of having their house burglarized several times. Once it happened in the middle of the day when her dad was at work, her mother was out on market-day and all the children were in school. 1,172 more words

YA, New Adult, Fiction

A Letter to The Universe

Dear Universe. God. Let me call you God. I want to talk to you today.  My name is Rudolph. I am an orphan. Well, not really, but that’s how I feel. 1,315 more words

One Hundred Years of Solitude—Review by Youssef Hamdi

First of all, I  might not have covered all of what the book bears because I tend to forget a lot. I was hesitant whether to call it a review since I feel it’s much more of a bird’s eye view; that is, vaguely covering what the novel is about. 636 more words


A Week in Macondo: Where Emotions become relevant for Peace Research [1]

Era como si Dios hubiera resuelto poner a prueba toda capacidad de asombro, y mantuviera a los habitantes de Macondo en un permanente vaivén entre el alborozo y el desencanto, la duda y la revelación, hasta el extremo de que nadie podía saber a ciencia cierta dónde estaban los límites de la realidad.

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'Deepwater Horizon' Avoids Real Culprit of BP Blowout

By Ansu John

When it happened, we all knew that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill was unprecedented in scale. The whole nation watched the black billowing smoke from that rig with a sense of horror and foreboding. 1,846 more words