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Immigration and Trump’s “S***Hole” Comment

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How should we remember Martin Luther King, Jr. on his holiday? That greater equality creates greater prosperity for all; as well as greater peace. 348 more words

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Commodity Prices Drag Miners while Consumer Sentiment Pulls the Strings Up

On January 17, 2018, we saw ASX trending lower owing to miners that were a drag with iron ore slipping low and tipped for a downfall to $50 a metric ton. 637 more words

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Cryptocurrencies – Are these set to dig deep holes in your pocket this year?

With the news that South Korea is inspecting its 6 key financial institutions for compliance with anti-money laundering laws and speculation on China applying regulatory pressure to put a cap to cryptocurrency operation, the last 48 hours have been tough on the digital currencies with Bitcoin swinging back about 18% with the start of the week and Ripple falling by 35% post reaching a high level with a meteoric rise of 1000%. 669 more words

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Copper’s Bullish Tone Continuing in 2018

With increased consumption, prices of copper have been rising-up lately, and the metal was seen to be trading above $3.281 (US/lb), which is up from $2.490 seen last year. 737 more words

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The Economics of Fear

In our macro economics class, we took a very basic look at why the assumptions of traditional economics are insufficient for decision making. Another important factor in behavioural economics is the issue of fear. 505 more words


Bitcoin: the future or a bubble?

If your life is anything like mine (or not), you too would have heard several stories from friends and family about how they were offered to buy bitcoins at a very low amount a while back and now regret losing that opportunity since the value has hiked so much. 428 more words



Almost everyday we hear the word ‘Inflation’ in the news. What exactly does this word mean and what are its implications for an administrator and a policy maker? 2,815 more words

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