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Minimalist or ornate? Which way do you swing? This week Ben challenges us to do train wreck or perfection… ornate is the way to go. So, why don’t I give you a bit of Ma Nature’s… 21 more words


Sedate Sunday?

I’m taking the day off. Not much to say so let the picture paint the thousand words…


Spider Spider...

The morning mist is leaving lots of moisture in its wake… enough to wet the nets… webs, whatever. Seems the spiders don’t take too kindly to the intrusion… smack bang in the hub of the web! 18 more words


Autumn Rain and Open Aperture.

Instead of going onto our weekly mountain bike tour with work colleagues I sort of had to enjoy the autumn temperatures, and plenty of rain today. 56 more words



Buildings… windows aplenty… lines… floor after floor. Bridges… all angles… creating patterns. Fences… regular, square or rectangular slabs on the pavements and floors. Tiles on the roofs… all man-made grids. 72 more words


Lady Serendipity Strikes... Whooppee!!

Look what Lady Serendipity threw at me!!! Do please click on the link… it will open, I promise.

Butterfly and bumblebee… whooppee!!!

I’m honest… I fluked this take as it was hand-held in manual focus and I couldn’t really see the image on the display in the sunlight… and then the bumblebee joined the fun. 33 more words