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Week 52 - Becky

Just chilling until our next 52 week project starts up again.  Hard to believe our 5th season went by so quickly.  Looking forward to our 6th season. 56 more words


Pygmy Seahorse - The Bargibant's Variety

Pygmy Seahorse on Gorgonian sea fan, Muricella

Pygmy seahorse, Hippocampus bargibant officially named in 1970

Pygmy Seahorses are a group of 7 species of tiny seahorses belonging to the Family Syngnathids. 256 more words

Marine Life

The one day of Winter

I pulled up some of the shots I took from the one weekend that we actually had something resembling January weather this year and found this.   187 more words


Practicing The Craft

Life and photography are all about being able to see what you are looking at.

Seeing deeply is fundamental to understanding

The Old Man


Goodnight Flower

I wanted to understand just what the yellow parts of this zinnia were. Pistil? Stamen? Well, it turns out that a zinnia is a rather complex flower and what we see is a cluster of smaller flowers which are called disks and ray florets.. 60 more words

Floral Photography

Warning: Video Featuring 'Etienne'

My grand nephew enthusiastically promoting the club he is a part of.

The Old Man

Macro Photography

Graceful Little Ants

During my time in Brazil, I was so busy with spending time with family and friends that I could not manage to go outside and take pictures of my beautiful hometown. 175 more words