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Simple Single Colours and Composition Photography

Colour dictates much of our lives, such as how we decorate our home or are persuaded by advertising to buy a product. We make associations between object and colour, inclusive of the other sensory observations that accompany it. 48 more words


Winter Shots in Maryland

Today’s blog features photos from the Rawlings Conservatory in Baltimore. This wonderful place is one of my winter go to photographic venues as I mentioned last week. 53 more words


Goodnight Flower

We enjoyed a very interesting concert — works not commonly played — at San Francisco Symphony​, and now it’s time for my goodnight flower. I sure love living so close to such a wonderful orchestra!

Purple & Yellow Iris (I), 3.5.15

Floral Photography

Flower Friday

I keep telling myself spring is just around the corner, then summer… yeah right, till then I’ll settle for archive pics of flowers to keep my spirits up.. :-)


A Willful Exit from the Garden (Aphid)

Aphids are of course known as superpests to crops, gardens and indoor plants, but not all aphids are necessarily out to lazily destroy human-cultivated plants. I found the aphid pictured above on a section of fencing directly below a spruce tree, which makes it a good bet that the spruce was its host plant. 118 more words

Macro Photography

First Shot

My shorter, 5 1/2 mile walk today wasn’t full of photography, but it was a bit of a stress reliever.

I hope.

First Shot: Spiraea, 3.5.15… 6 more words

Floral Photography