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Brown anole in Jamaica

This little anole is a type of lizard native to the Bahamas and Cuba. However, it is easily spotted on many other Caribbean Islands. It is a highly invasive species and easily outcompetes other small lizards and frogs because it will eat anything that can fit into its mouth. 85 more words


A Short Introduction

Hi World!

The main public purpose of this blog is to promote arthropod awareness and serve to amplify popularity of seldom-known animals that may (or may not) be beneficial to the public. 162 more words


On Bugshot Alabama

I just got back from a macro photography workshop called Bugshot Alabama.  These workshops have been going on for several years and are named after their locations–typically some place with high biological diversity. 321 more words

Do what makes you happy!

I got to spend Sunday Morning all by myself! So, as a mom who had no idea what to do with herself, I set forth to Benson Park in Hudson, NH to walk around and take as many macro shots as I wanted (and maybe play Pokemon GO)! 72 more words

New Hampshire Photographer

Twice is nice.

We saw each of these fuzzy little caterpillars on two consecutive hikes. It is just amazing the forms that life on this wonderful plant takes.

A Walk in the Woods

Last night, I did one of my favorite things—I took a walk in the woods. I just love the mottled light through the towering branches, the softness of the pine needles and fallen leaves under my feet, the smell of damp earth, the contrasting colors of the trees and ferns and soil and moss, the quietness interrupted only by wind in the leaves, birdsongs and an occasional squirrel scampering about. 133 more words