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'博客" 与 "网络" 共治为 "livephotos网站

科技与信息……它们的改进的速度是难以想象,  为了简化及统一,  结果近期花了一段日子,  整合了’博客” 与 “网络” 共治为 “livephotos网站. 以下是新的网址 :



Peace in the macroworld

War all over the place…

But there’s peace in the macro-world…

It’s cold over-there, but who cares it’s peace…

Peace in the macro-world…

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016 ("Peace" by Ornette Coleman)

There’s a bit of a gap between anything going on to report here, so I thought that I might write something more of what’s on my mind about the world in general. 1,509 more words