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Raiders vs. Bills: All the experts picks and betting line odds in one place

Depending on which system or expert one adheres to, who’s favored in Sunday’s Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills game could yield very different results.

Las Vegas has the Raiders as three point favorites with a total point spread of 48.5 for the game. 335 more words

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Common Goldspeck

Candelariella vitellina

A fine powdery mustard yellow lichen. Apothecia yellow.

Found in nutrient rich areas such a bird perches, silica-rich rocks and calcareous rock, and brick, even trees. 26 more words

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Pertusaria aspergilla

A pale greyish to buffish cructose lichen, which is thin to cracked aerolate. Apothecia absent.

Found on silica-rich rock, especially outcrops that get wet and dry out fairly quickly. 28 more words

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Hammered Shield Lichen

Parmelia sulcata

A blue-grey  to silvery foliose lichen, becoming bronze-tinged as it ages. The lobes have conspicuous white pseudocyphellae which form a fine network. Thallus 4 to 20cm in diameter. 38 more words

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Tube Lichen

Hypogymnia physodes

Branching out, it forms an encrusting, irregular patch, which is smooth and blue-grey or green-grey to yellowish-green on the upper surface. The tips  tend to curl up revealing brown to black undersides. 82 more words

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night rush II

As my Tram didn’t come I did this night-rush thing again. And as my second attempt is even better I decided to share them with you too. 15 more words