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Helicopters and parachutes

Maple leaves and seed pods, known as double samaras, helicopters, or whirligigs:

Dandelion fluff can carry the plant’s seeds over 100 miles on the wind:


Econ Red Pill 3: Welcome to Post-economics

When I was an undergrad student more than 15 years ago I was fascinated by the works of futurists like Daniel Bell and Alvin Toffler… 1,059 more words



Abstractified palm frond; Palm Desert, California


A Bee (Three Photographs)

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This bee impressed me for its agility and tenacity. I just managed to capture it in some windy conditions in between the gusts. 63 more words


The Flowers of Brunswick East (23)

Is this that funny little flower that’s meant to look a bit rude?

It was difficult to photograph – about knee height, growing through a fence, but I just adore that little hairy set of buds! 22 more words


My Top Fine Art Images

Oh, man! I can’t believe that the semester is already over! I’ve learned so much about photography and have discovered a new hobby to build upon. 69 more words