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Steve Keen on private debt

As a followup to yesterday’s book review, a very brief video featuring Steve Keen who gives a nice summary of theĀ economic problem of excessive growth in private debt.


Can we avoid another financial crisis? Steve Keen's latest book

Professor Steve Keen is an economist working in the post-Keynesian tradition at Kingston University here in the UK. He is well-known as a critic of mainstream economics (see his excellent and wide-ranging book… 897 more words


The Trump effect: is this time different?

An interesting recent paper here from the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College on the prospects for the US economy in the coming years. The authors use their model, which was developed with the late… 710 more words

Political Economy

Austerity and Germany's Social Democrats - via econoblog101

Many of my European friends ask me about Martin Schulz and the success of social-democrats at the polls. Since they are progressive, they hope for reforms in the eurozone to curb mass unemployment, stellar youth unemployment and social problems that exist in many crisis countries.

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Political Economy

Dean Baker: Fed inflation target keeping wages low, people out of jobs - Radical Political Economy

This nine-minute interview with left-Keynesian economist Dean Baker discusses the wisdom or otherwise of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes and their effect on jobs and wages. 58 more words

Political Economy

Germany's anti-Keynesianism has brought Europe to its knees

This paper by Jorg Bibow has a useful take on how an ideology of anti-Keynesianism among German policymakers and its economic outcomes as a popular mythology result from a misreading of economic history. 558 more words