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An Autumn Reassessment – Will the fallout from China favour equities, bonds or the US Dollar?

Macro Letter – No 40 – 28-08-2015

An Autumn Reassessment – Will the fallout from China favour equities, bonds or the US Dollar?


Rethinking Economics Part II: the microfoundations of macroeconomics

Another useful talk I attended at the recent Rethinking Economics conference was by Michelle Baddeley, Professor at UCL, on ‘rethinking the microfoundations of macroeconomics’. Microeconomic analysis concerns itself with the behaviour of individual economic agents or methodological individualism; that is, human agents, firms and households. 972 more words

Economic Theory

Are we ready for a rate rise in the UK?

In a bid to prepare the financial markets for a possible interest rate rise in the near future, BoE governor Mark Carney commented that it is likely that interest rates might rise by the end of this year or early next year. 354 more words


Shareholder value: is it holding back growth?

Andy Haldane, chief economist at the Bank of England, has recently spoken out against ‘excessive’ shareholder power as being one factor holding back business investment and growth in the UK. 727 more words

Government Policy

Mitigating recession: how far should government policy go?

Among Keynesian economists, it is generally accepted that governments should intervene in the economy to manage the business cycle using fiscal and monetary policy as tools of macroeconomic management. 1,122 more words

Government Policy

The Eurozone crisis: Germany needs change as well as Greece

The current Eurozone crisis seems at the moment to be all about economic reform in Greece, which includes the imposition of further crushing austerity ad infinitum.  1,090 more words

Government Policy

Building bridges between left and right on policy

One of the basic tenets of Keynesian economics is the importance of aggregate demand or spending in the economy for the purposes of supporting growth and employment. 1,074 more words

Government Policy