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Distribution and economic progress

A key development in many economies, particularly the Anglo-Saxon ones, during the last 30 years, has been an increase in what heterodox economists have termed ‘financialization’. 1,024 more words

Economic Growth

The importance of whole systems analysis in economics

I was reminded by Michael Pettis’ most recent blog post of the importance of taking into account the global economy as a whole when analysing national economies. 836 more words

Rising yields and rising correlation in major bond markets – end of cycle or correction?

Macro Letter – No 36 – 22-05-2015

Rising yields and rising correlation in major bond markets – end of cycle or correction?

  • European bond yields have risen following the lead of US treasuries…
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Social welfare and macroeconomic performance

The political left is usually a strong supporter of the welfare state, as it believes that it provides social insurance to the population at large, and aims to benefit those most in need, even if outcomes sometimes fall short.  734 more words

The "Nothing" Theory of Value

Phillip Coggan at the Economist in Great Britain is warning of stock overvaluation because stocks keep going up, while companies no longer produce actual goods or services anymore, and have decreasing revenues. 477 more words

Another example: Richard Koo's 'Yin and Yang' and fiscal policy

Following on from the theme of my previous post, the economist Richard Koo offers another example of where a changing economic environment changes the appropriateness of a particular policy, in this case fiscal policy. 1,061 more words

Idiosyncratic Analysis of Bitcoin

We have learned in this class about the historical perspective of the Markets, from the ancient market to the modern market. The most important aspect of these markets then and hence, is the MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE. 144 more words