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How do firms grow as they age?

Marko Melolinna and Patrick Schneider.

Firm age is a main determinant of firm growth and survival. For example, older firms are likely to be larger and grow more slowly than younger ones (see… 1,206 more words


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  1. “The best guess is that the next downturn will similarly involve a mix of troubles, rather than one big thing. And over the past few months we’ve started to see how it could happen.
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Extreme Inflation: Dynamics and Stabilization

The 1990 BPEA paper by Dornbusch, Sturzenegger and Wolf is a fascinating read. It provides a succinct model of the dynamics of inflation, then discusses the many issues that can affect the dynamics of the price level such as wage indexation, exchange rate shocks, and the credibility of stabilization plans. 1,065 more words


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  1. “We probably would not have planes, trains, or automobiles if we had insisted on today’s safety levels during the early days of those technologies’ development—likewise, we should have laxer safety standards for new emerging technologies.”
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The Trade Deficit Narrowed in November as Exports and Imports Both Fell: Week of February 4 - 8

The trade deficit shrank in November, as had factory orders. Here are the five things we learned from U.S. economic data released during the week ending February 8. 656 more words

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UK forecasting it’s lowest economic growth since 2009

According to the latest forecasts of the Bank of England, the economy would expand only by 1.2 per cent this year, in contrast to the 1.7 per cent originally predicted in November. 303 more words

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