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Low-Carbon Macro

Carsten Jung, Theresa Löber, Anina Thiel and Thomas Viegas

Governments have pledged to meet the Paris Target of restricting global temperature rises to ‘well below’ 2˚C.  1,868 more words



The circular flow of income model
The circular flow of income model provides an overview of important relationships in the macroeconomy. The circular flow of income in a closed economy(= no foreign trade) with no government or financial markets is shown by the brown lines below. 244 more words

Circular Flow Of Income

Macroeconomic update (10/17)

PPI growth cooling, CPI continues surging

China’s producer price index, which measures costs for goods at the factory gate, rose 3.6 percent year on year in September, National Bureau of Statistics data showed. 200 more words


Debt, a curse or necessity

What’s so bad about debt? After all debt of one sector of the economy is savings of other sector. Yet too big debt causes several problems on the macroeconomic level. 2,700 more words

Working on 1960s macroeconometrics : there’s an echo on the line

Three years ago, a group of historians of economics embarked on a reexamination of the relationships between theoretical and empirical work in macroeconomics. Our goal was inward looking. 1,579 more words

Minimum wage

Defining  Minimum Wage

In 1999 the LPC (Low Pay Commission) was established as a result of the National Minimum Wage Act in 1998. The minimum wage is the smallest payment (per hour) that a person is entitled to earn in any industry. 375 more words