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Hi, it’s Best!

Life can be complicated at times. Just like what they always say,

” When it RAIN it POURS “

As I have learned to understand life.

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Unforeseen Dreams

And so the dreams, or the buds as they were, come to an end. At least the ones in this series of photographs. I didn’t want to stretch it out so far before the actual coming of Spring, but so it goes. 206 more words

Macro Photography

Signs of Spring: Perserverance

The Hellebore is one amazing plant!  She pushes her way through the ice and snow to bloom, for all to enjoy.  Now that is perseverance!  If she can make it through the unpredictable month of March, so can I! 25 more words


Food Photography: The Art of Making You Hungry

Ever read a magazine, saw an ad on television, or even looked out a car window to find a billboard with the image of the an advertised food, perfectly captured and enticing? 269 more words


Signs of Spring: The Melt

There is much freezing and thawing, this time of year, in Michigan.  A bonus of this fickle weather…icicles!  I love icicles!  Some might notice just a few icicles, on a juniper shrub, but not me…  I see a sparkling wonderland! 52 more words



Spring will be here soon! I’m looking forward to slightly warmer temperatures, as I almost froze to death taking these pictures outside yesterday. (maybe I should have worn warmer clothes…like a coat…haha don’t tell my mom) However, I have been enjoying this cooler weather from the comfort of my fireplace ;) This winter hasn’t been too horrible, but I think I am ready for spring now. 32 more words