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The Details in the Devil (American Dog Tick, Dermacentor variabilis)

Well, the good news was, I found out my dog’s flea and tick treatment was effective against dog ticks; the bad news was I found it was effective. 68 more words

Macro Photography

Photo Monday - Roses Are... Orange

M gave me these beautiful roses on Valentine’s Day. We don’t do much, just little attentions. So things like. having smoked salmon for dinner (the girls adore it), me buying blue cheese just for M, and chocolate fondue for dessert. 115 more words



Happy Monday, a happy new week <3


Macro Moon

Of course I mean by that full moon!…..It’s #macromonday, I wanted to have something else than macro flowers… I hope you’ll have a very successful, and bright new week :)


Proud Beast (Dark-winged Fungus Gnat, Sciaridae?)

This gnat shows how powerful good posture can be. (Not completely positive on my ID; pretty sure it’s a fungus gnat of some kind, if not specifically in… 45 more words

Macro Photography

Dream on ♥

sugars <3.

sick of routine and cliché, just choosing the way that seems the easiest. escaping. but without knowing, that it is just another cliché. cuz everybody sometimes chooses that way… in the end, ceasing in sour thoughts.

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