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Sluggish Return

Slug on a red topped, fallen over mushroom.

Well, it’s been a while, but not for lack of photographs to share. In recent weeks I’ve been touching up a lot of photos, many of family and friends so I may give them to said family and friends instead of letting them gather the figurative dust in the hard drive until the end of time, or whatever. 156 more words

Macro Photography

Golden goblets on a gravel road

Breaking down
the rock-hard world, awaiting
a cup of rain

the beginning ...

… of the end: A downed log deteriorates in the forest at my university.


the glowing eye ...

… in the forest at my university.


arterials ...

… on the forest floor in the woods at my university.


Macro Photography

Macro photography turns out to be a more physical task than I thought. Moving your body to get the right focal point, creating water droplets on the items, positioning the lighting and background items, and getting a low enough angle were all involved in capturing these intimate, detailed photos. 135 more words