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He's Got the Crazy Eyes (Robber Fly, Asilidae)

I can’t explain; I only know it’s true! Have a good weekend, everyone. (Full profile after the break.) 7 more words

Macro Photography

The clouds are always improvising.

The clouds are always improvising, but the colorist is the sun.

Picture location – Jabalpur, India.


Controlling light: Understanding the p-mode and iso setttings

Camera settings can be intimidating. For years, I never felt comfortable using anything but the automatic setting or the no flash setting on the camera and, as a result, my pictures suffered. 472 more words


Parsley Party (Ebony Bugs, Thyreocoridae)

These little black bugs are almost beetle-like at first glance. I’m too lazy to look them up, but— Okay, I gave identifying them a crack at it, and actually found what I think is the family ( 62 more words

Macro Photography

Curvy Body (Plume Moth, Pterophoridae)

Plume moths are sometimes called “T-moths” because of their eponymously-shaped bodies; but they only look like the letter after “S” if you view them dorsally. From the side, they have an almost second-self appearance, especially through the cameras lens where the long, slender wings disappear into blur. 88 more words

Macro Photography