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Flowers for You

Purple on the ground.

It is not fair to call it another weed from the lawn, but I can only look up so many plants. (So you’re a weed. 45 more words

Macro Photography


A weed flower spent of all its pollen.

Those brown tips sprouting out of the white ruffles are typically a bright yellow at first. This weed has exhausted its supply; it’s up to the bugs to bring it home, so it can be a weed flower born again. 17 more words

Macro Photography

Science Snapshot: The Elegant Grasshopper

The elegant grasshopper is appropriately named for its breath-taking coloration. This is one of my prized insects in my collection from South Africa. Its bold coloring is to warn predators that it is toxic and will harm them if eaten. 33 more words


Lens Artists - Shadows

Your mind is a garden

Your thoughts are the seeds 

Your can grow flowers

Or, you can grow weeds.



Lens Artist Challenge – Shadows… 7 more words


Not All There

Orange and hairy, the story of a weed flower.

Weed week comes to a close with this hairy beauty. It seems to be missing a swath of petals, but it still pulls it off. 18 more words

Macro Photography

Day 176... Ice

All I can see is a woman with a pony tail who is trapped in the ice! Do you see her? Thanks Michael for the word today! :)