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Last Petals...

So I realise that I have been a bit slack of late, with keeping up with my blog and updating my portfolios regularly, but I have been VERY busy. 282 more words

The Beauty of...

Laying on the ground and lining up a shot. Then people in a car stop, realize you aren’t hurt and keep on going without a comment.

Black And White

What is this thing?

We wanted to see some friends out in Silicon Valley before we headed back to the desert, so The Man used one of those apps that allows you to rent someone’s car for a day, which didn’t cost much more than the train would have for 2 of us, and allowed us some extra freedom. 285 more words


New beginnings

Just like this Acorn, just like it, I’m starting something new. Its a little different to be honest but I just got my first photography only Instagram account. 13 more words


Up Close with a Wild Strawberry

The Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park would be one of the most beautiful places in the world, except for all the tourists. The experience of drinking tea there is pretty much the exact opposite of what I think of when I think of a Japanese tea garden. 127 more words


Spring is still here

When I took this it was sunny and warm. Thats dream weather if you live in Berlin. I was messing around with all the best photos I took on this outing, turning them black&white & and stuff. 10 more words