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Orange You See Me (Moth, Crambidae)

A moth (Crambidae) on a marigold.

It’s a bloody orange marigold with a little moth added. It was hard to tell if there was a color cast on the moth, so I only toned it down a little except for the fringe at the bottom of the wings which was glowing a mighty bit too red-orange. 14 more words

Macro Photography

Close Up of Daisy Flowers

The smallest flowers have the prettiest petals. Some close up of daisies. Daisy photos are available at the stock sites below :)

My stock sites… 55 more words


Selling prints

A few people has asked me if they could buy some pictures from me in physical form (as a print, not a digital copy). I am not a company, but just an amateur photographer, but of course it makes me really happy when someone appreciate my work. 158 more words


Houston's The Light Fest

We attended The Light Fest in Houston and it was amazing! The lanterns were so beautiful in the sky and the weather was perfect. We had a great time and it was just so picturesque. 90 more words

Home Is Where the Spider Is (Orbweaver, Araneidae)

An orbweaver (Araneidae) is at home in the kitchen and on its web.

The little gnarly, creeping spiders — the house spiders and cellar spiders, I’m thinking of primarily — are nice to see patrolling the great indoors, but at the risk of cliche, the jumping spiders are my favorite; and we’ve had a healthy, recurring… 85 more words

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