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Lunch on Planet Dandelion (Springtail,Bourletiella hortensis)

Here’s looking at you, Bourletiella hortensis.

This shot is one in a series that I took of this springtail. For those not familiar, these little cartoon-like characters are not insects but hexapods, and this one is probably roughly the size of poppy seed. 158 more words

Macro Photography

Macro Photography: Ideas and Inspiration

I have always had an interest in photography and love to play around with it. Recently I bought a set of camera lenses for my phone. 348 more words

Fun To Do

Sly Eye (Cat, Felis catus)

Eye of Cat

A cat’s eye is pretty interesting if you can get close enough to photograph it. R.I.P. to Cat, the nicest cat that ever sat on a puzzle. 12 more words

Macro Photography

Old New (Skipper, Hesperiidae)

Perfect reception from this calm skipper’s antenna.

In my effort to efficaciously exhaust all examples of my work, I’ve resurrected another series of photos lost in my WP media library. 159 more words

Macro Photography

Golden Buttons

Golden Buttons 1a

Golden Buttons 1b

Golden Buttons 2

Golden Buttons 3

Golden Buttons 4


Sunnier Ground (Dandelions, Taraxacum sp.)

A backyard scene: two dandelions stand in front of the crowd lost in the bokeh.

From a day when it was sunnier underfoot, dandy lion was king of the backyard. 19 more words

Macro Photography

the fern ...

… in the forest at my university.