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Apple Hasn't Approached NBC Over Content Deal for Upcoming Streaming TV Service

It is not clear why Apple Inc. has not approached NBC about a possible content deal for its most recent streaming television efforts, but Apple and Comcast have attempted to negotiate a deal in the past, which didn’t pan out. 105 more words

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Apple Watch, in Pictures

I wanted to update my thoughts on the upcoming new product the Apple Watch.  Today I was able to take a look at some images of the Watch in its different versions, and I found some of them to be attractive.   195 more words

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Apple Beats Music-like streaming service: Is it actually happening, and when?

Beats Music’s Playlists, Activities, and Mixes features are expected to be integrated into Apple’s new music service. Apple even wants to fully integrate Beats Music into iOS, iTunes, and Apple TV. 73 more words


Apple to trade rights to Microsoft’s start menu for new Office suite ? And Why ?

Microsoft seems to be pushing along its office suite down the throats of android users now? For free?

No thank you , we were doing well without them and we will continue to do so in the future. 157 more words


Google Launches 'Google Cast' for Audio Streaming as AirPlay Alternative With a Twist

While Google Cast at first glance appears similar to Apple’s AirPlay in that it is a standard available to speaker manufacturers to ensure support for wireless audio streaming, Google Cast speakers stream content from the cloud rather than directly from the control device. 32 more words

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Warner Music Remains Optimistic on Streaming Music, as Long as It's Paid

To offset the loss from downloads, Warner Music Group currently accepts the freemium model of ad-supported streaming music, but only as a means to convert users to paying subscribers. 122 more words

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Beats and Bose agree to settle noise-cancellation lawsuit out of court

By: Sean Buckley

It’s almost a relieving thing to hear: two tech companies have decided not to pursue a long, drawn out patent lawsuit. Earlier this year, Bose accused Beats of taking noise-cancellation technology from a series of five Bose patents — but now the two audio groups have reached a settlement and asked the International Trade Commission to halt investigation of the issue. 129 more words