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New Ewa Wing makes Black Friday easier for Ala Moana shoppers

Black Friday is only a few hours away, but many stores across the state opened their doors earlier on Thanksgiving Day.

From Toys-R-Us to BestBuy people lined up even in the rain to get the best possible deals. 316 more words


Why Every Show Wants A Bit Of Turkey!

There is one live broadcast that every American musical wants to score. And it’s not the Tony Awards. This one has fewer shows performing which means less competition. 461 more words

The Need To Ink

If we can only wield one fountain pen at a time, why do we ink so many? Variety in pen style and nib shape might justify a few, but not the huge number some of us wind up with despite the best of intentions. 250 more words


Reading Time

I’m not going to lie – school nights can be hard. We get home, try to spend some time outside just to rejuvenate, do homework, cook dinner, read our school book, clean up dinner, take a bath, have a snack. 82 more words


What Makes Us, Us?

Mom tells each of us that we are so very different and special. So what makes us unique?

What makes you, you?

Monday, Monday....

Hello, beautiful friends of mine!

It’s a hot Monday here in Florida. Mom says it’s fall but I don’t believe her because it’s really hot and our flowers are blooming like crazy. 446 more words

“Make-Up as Skincare”: Vanessa Blake Cosmetics

Vanessa Blake is a UK-based vegan and natural cosmetic/skincare company celebrating their first-year in the United States.  I chatted with Roschelle, Head of Marketing and Sales for the company concerning the reason for Vanessa Blake Cosmetic’s commitment to vegan and natural products. 377 more words