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Outside Mayhem

Last night, Mom took Macy out for her usual evening play time in the yard. She also let me out at the same time. At first, everything was great. 380 more words

Backyard Adventures


Look at this THING Dad found:

No, it is not a snake. It’s a Giant Swallowtail Caterpillar! It’s supposed to look like a bird poop but Mom and I think it looks like a snake. 197 more words

I Was Almost an Only Child Again!

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You may recall from my last blog that Mom is super grumpy since her accident. Well, Macy clearly is not in tune with Mom’s emotions the way I am because she was downright rotten last week. 377 more words

Vet, Bath, Franklin, and Macy

Hi, everyone! It’s me, Noodle!

I finally got Mom to not be grumpy long enough to type my post. Uh oh – if you could only see the look she just gave me. 665 more words

Mens William H Macy Shameless Oneck Tee RoyalBlue

While selecting Brown suits or bronze suit for men, it is very important to match suit color with color of your skin complexion. Maroon and cream is good color combination with brown suit. 252 more words

Uncomplicated Kate and Macy USA Patriotic Bracelet Glass Beads Accessory

Jewelry has always been a desired thing for women. Trend of designer jewelry is increasing and to make jewelry extraordinary and unique, gemstone beads play a very important role. 331 more words

George and Macy Affair

George and Macy met while walking one Sunday afternoon.

Both greeted each other as if they were friends for a lifetime.

Prancing through the tall grasses, 40 more words

Innsbrook Resort