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Zachariah Petty (~1761-~1835) - Part 3 - Quaker?

Were Zachariah Petty and his wife, Nancy Dodson, Quakers? So far I have not been able to find any direct evidence one way or the other. 736 more words


Lowering The Bar

Do you know why all retail giants are screwed? No, it’s not Amazon. It’s because all retail giants set the bar sooo fucking low. They set it low the moment they started to let the thought of “We can pay people less if they don’t have college degrees!” Don’t believe me, walk into any retail store and ask said Supervisor or Store Managers if they have a college degree in business, and the answer may shock you. 307 more words

Jesse's Take

All is Well

Happy Monday, friends!

As you can imagine, I haven’t been able to blog because Mom has her hands full…literally. Either she’s dealing with Macy or coddling Molly or me because we’re both uber jealous and feigning injuries. 357 more words

HPAN Sponsors Heartworm Treatments for Macy and Lion with $500

Neither Macy nor Lion knew what it was to have a good life before being rescued by Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue (FFTBR). Macy had never been vetted and was allowed to have litter upon litter. 93 more words

Paw Tales Blog

Macy is home!

Hi, friends!

What a day! Poor Macy got a raw deal. Not only did she have her planned TPLO surgery to repair her torn ACL but she also had to have a meniscus repair on her right leg AND she has pyoderma – a bacterial skin infection. 340 more words

Quick update

Dad and mom just had a pre-op consult with the orthopedic surgeon. Macy’s right leg IS messed up. She has a torn meniscus. It happens in 10% of patients after a torn ACL. 21 more words