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Don't Get Caught With Your Pants Down!

Hellooooooo, friends!

I have left you all in the dark since Saturday regarding Macy. Don’t worry. No news was good news.

Things are going very well. 370 more words

All is Quiet

Hi, friends! Just popping in to let you all know that Macy is resting much more comfortably.

She was up most of the night with Mom, sleeping only  from 12-2 and 6-7:30. 125 more words

Macy's Home From Surgery

What a relief! She’s home!!!

This morning, Mom and Dad left the house with her and then they came home WITHOUT her. THEN, Mom took macy’s bed out of her crate and started disinfecting it. 467 more words

Mom's Freaking Out!

Good morning, friends!

Remember how I told you all that Macy needed surgery on her knee? Well, it turns out that the surgery is going to be much more complicated than originally explained. 289 more words

Macy's Hip Evaluation & Something Weird

Hellooooooooooooooo! Is anyone out there? It’s me – Noodle! Did you forget me? I’ve been gone forever.

I’ve been away for like 3 weeks! Sorry, I had nothing on my mind to talk about, I guess. 561 more words

Play With Me, Baby by Fiona Davenport


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Guy Rule: It’s only stalking if you get caught.

1,158 more words

Macy's to close stores, cut jobs amid weak sales

CINCINNATI, OH/January 4, 2017 (STL.News) Macy’s says it is eliminating more than 10,000 jobs and plans to move forward with 68 store closures after a disappointing holiday shopping season. ¬† 13 more words