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I'm Playing Again!

I don’t know what’s come over me but all of a sudden, I have the urge to play with toys again for the first time since Macy got here (July 2015). 74 more words

Inglot Eyebrow Pencil

I’m going to rave about the Inglot Brow Pencils (# 511) for a sec. Or maybe a little more than a sec…

I started using these brow pencils a while ago and though other brow pencils may have tried to interfere with my and Inglot’s love affair, they have all been very unsuccessful.  277 more words

Car Rides, Fights, and Hips

Having just finished 7 weeks of Obedience School, I have made a total of 14 car trips in those 7 weeks (2 each Saturday), plus a bonus 2 rides last Sunday. 528 more words

We did it!

Everybody! Everybody! EVERYBODY!

GUESS WHAT?!??!?!?

Macy and I did it! We graduated from Basic Obedience Class!!!

Luckily, Mom told me that it says Noodles just because the teacher liked to call me that and I did in fact graduate! 310 more words

Storm after storm after storm

All it does here every evening is storm.

It’s been storming so much that Molly’s even freaking out less. Don’t get me wrong – she still gets scared but she’s not trembling like an earthquake is inside her. 192 more words

It's My Birthday!

*Happy dance* *Happy dance*

It’s my 5th birthday, everybody!

When I woke up, Molly came into the room to play with me.

We played for a little bit and then all the kids woke up. 238 more words