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Food Allergies Stink

Good morning, everybody! It’s me, Noodle with the mohawk!

I have to tell you, our house is being hit hard by allergies. Mom and Dad are all congested and us dogs are itchy, itchy, itchy. 345 more words

Somebody's in Trouble...

…and it isn’t me!

My dumb sister – Macy – rolled in something super nasty (undetermined but either poop or a dead animal) and Mom had to give her an unplanned bath. 134 more words

Dear Daughter

Please take these motherly advice.


062 - Raid

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The sounds of pencil on paper. Scribbles. A leaky faucet, somewhere. Soft but scratchy breathing.

“Does this look good?”

I looked.

“I can’t tell what I’m looking at, here.” 6,747 more words


Christmas in Pictures (Again)

I’ve come to realize there are just certain times you are not going to be able to come up with a creative title.  But you might – just might – be able to come up with some good photos. 268 more words


Highs and lows

Hi, friends!

I tried to get Mom to check in sooner (like everyday since Rudee passed) but you know Mom – she’s a slacker. We’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster since the year began. 413 more words