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PUDDLE Doll - Maxine the Mad Hatter

I can’t tell you how excited I am for PUDDLE. This is my fourth year attending and the shiny never wears off – on the contrary, actually. 121 more words


I Wish

There are a lot of things I can say I wish for on a regular basis.

The big one right now is…

I wish I had not developed asthma. 137 more words


Nostrum by Mr E

‘Nostrum’ said the other Numpty – well, that’s Mare Nostrum, the Med, isn’t it. But we shelved that useful bit of information and it was quite a long time before we returned to it. 675 more words

Solving Blogs

My Family Knows How to F'ing Fight

All-Star Batman #8
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Giuseppi Comuncoli and Francesco Francavilla

Snyder has Batman say “My family knows how to fucking fight,” while explaining why he knew their were people fighting him pretending to be Nighwing, Red Hood, and Batwoman.

91 more words

Who's Out There?

The immediate predecessor to “Who’s Out There?” – Callisto Confidential

A previous related Callisto story – And To All A Good Night

Carly examined the two martini glasses closely. 866 more words

In the Land Before Time

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first-ever blog. I have started this project as I work through the last month or two of my undergraduate degree at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; a feat that will have taken 8 years to complete…(that will be a topic for a later post). 909 more words


The Crow and Carrot Cake

When I am anxious I bake, I know weird right? But I find that it grounds me and then I can share the fruits of my labor with others as my son and I cannot eat all of my anxiety driven goodies. 242 more words