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so why Alice in Wonderland theme?

I am not an avid fan of Alice in wonderland

I just love imagining that I am truly living in wonderland… 209 more words

Mad Hatter

Moving On.

this one of the hardest part in love. letting go and continue

i know many of us have undergo several pain and strive hard but never succeed in this… 81 more words

Mad Hatter

A Story About The Inspiration Behind Alice From Disney's 'Alice In Wonderland'

If you watched the recent documentary on PBS about Walt Disney you will remember that he was always on the cutting edge of technology. I find this recent article regarding Alice in Wonderland. 75 more words

Gaslight Gathering September 2015

Gaslight Gathering 5 was so much fun!!!  A great weekend event in beautiful San Diego!! The theme this year was “Steampunk Goes to the Cinema!” So get ready for some of our favorite movies to be Steampunked! 1,078 more words



There are numerous of moments that i just wanted to stop the time because I’m so happy.

and feeling a little bit uhhm scared or sad because sooner or later ithe gladness will be over or you ‘ll feel sad (?) later after this… 40 more words

Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland: Drink Me

The Inspiration:

This November marks the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The classic children’s story combining maths and nonsense (I can’t always tell the difference) has been adapted countless times over the century and a half since its publication from Disney to Tim Burton…for Disney. 244 more words