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The Mad Hatter

My body of work is a series of portraits of personal acquaintances that tell stories of aspects of their lives through the eyes of characters from children’s literature. 293 more words




By: Antwan Crump

As I make a sharp turn,

on the sleek roads,

going umpteen miles an hour,

I have to wonder,

as the car begins to make its’ final ascent, … 396 more words


Mad as a Hatter

Sorry, this should have been part of yesterday’s post.

I’ve always known that “mad as a hatter” was something to do with hatters, madness and chemicals but I wasn’t quite clear on the details. 466 more words


Llandudno - a brief visit

On our way back from Wales we visited Llandudno. Since then, things have been a bit hectic and I forgot all about it.

Was it really only five weeks ago? 256 more words

Like a Madman

He was like a madman,

enjoying laughing at the rain.

It seemed he didn’t have much of a brain,

even danced through snowstorms.

When he took up his palette, 159 more words


Do you ever make it to the end of the day and look back at it wondering how you made it to the end of the day? 1,208 more words