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Book Review: The Merciless (The Merciless #1)

First off, I just want to apologize, as it has been a whole 3 months since posting on this blog! That is way longer than I wanted to go, but sometimes I just don’t know where my time goes. 696 more words

Michael Jackson

Simple gifts

The other day I walked in the park.

As I ambled by the swings and slides, a woman who looked like she might be a grandmother was with her granddaughter. 795 more words

Mad Hatter Tea Party Set

I’ve been a little busy  – but with paper! This is a project I’ve wanted to do for quite some time now. About a year, really. 164 more words

Imperial Beer Club review: Not a subscription box for the faint hearted

It seems like a new beer subscription service is launching every month, but rarely do they cater for such a specific requirement. The Imperial Beer Club aims to satisfy those with a taste for stronger beer and here’s my review. 518 more words


Writing that makes me happy: #1

Mad Hatter: ‘In the Gardens of Memory, in the Palace of Dreams, that is where you and I will meet.’

Alice: ‘But a dream is not reality…’ 21 more words

Nothing to see here. Go away.

Lots on the old plate this week, two paintings on the go, poems to write for a project I promised my little Chinese friend,

and a book to be getting back to getting on with. 39 more words


Tea and Fun with ::NEWCHURCH::

Looking for a dining set that will bring a bit of whimsy to your Second Life? Then look no further than ::NEWCHURCH:: this month!

::NEWCHURCH:: 269 more words