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In the Land Before Time

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first-ever blog. I have started this project as I work through the last month or two of my undergraduate degree at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; a feat that will have taken 8 years to complete…(that will be a topic for a later post). 909 more words


The Crow and Carrot Cake

When I am anxious I bake, I know weird right? But I find that it grounds me and then I can share the fruits of my labor with others as my son and I cannot eat all of my anxiety driven goodies. 242 more words


4th March 1810. The Perils of Quicksilver.

Following a hurricane which lasted four days Today in 1810 two British ships HMS Triumph and HMS Phipps salvaged a large cargo of valuable Mercury from a wrecked Spanish vessel near Cadiz. 536 more words


Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) - Review

Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorites when I was younger – the kind of imagination and creativity in these stories is probably at the same level as Lord of the Rings. 374 more words


Finally over...

It is over! It is finally over!

Apparently this exam was getting to me more than I thought as when it was finally over, when it came to sleeping I sleapt nearly 12 hours. 215 more words

So.. Life happened..

Hello. If anyone has visited my blog. Pretty sure no one has. I’ve abandoned this blog since ’15 I think? Life happened. I got a job. 176 more words


JUST MUSING: "Mad hatter like ..."

I seldom watch horror movies, refusing to revisit living-color, vivid, life altering nightmares.  Believing the monster on the railroad track still exists, aging ugly, scarier than ever, drinking ditch water, waiting for me, to get me.  852 more words

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