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Grinn - Chapter Thirty-five - Flytraps & Rosebuds

Frob led the way.  “This is the forest where we lived before things got bad. Be careful of the trees, they have all become unfriendly now.” 1,359 more words


Grinn - Chapter Thirty-four - A Friend Is Lost

It was a few days journey to the Delirium. The Tarot realm seemed to move at a different speed as well. During the time they were in the Tarot things had changed and were getting even worse. 2,350 more words


Need for Party Etiquette

Sniff!  I spoke out of turn at the Tea Party, and the Mad Hatter turned me into a garden ornament.  What possessed me to say, “Tell Alice how you came by that atrocious hat.”


Chapter - Thirty-three - Off With Their Heads

The Jack awoke to Khamet screaming, “What is it cat? Your ranting will wake Rublick.”

“I found her!”

Megette woke as well rolling off the Jack and parrying in an instant. 1,239 more words


Chapter - Thirty-two - A Stormy Rain Ends

Something in the air was different than before. “Hello?” Khamet called into the darkness.

“Humph?” a low voice answered. There was a crash and crumbling as the figure shifted. 2,161 more words


Chapter - Thirty-one - How the Jack Lost His Heart

It was night when they emerged from the Tarot. They decided to make camp just outside of the entrance and remained under the watch of the woman they learned was the Queen of Swords. 3,377 more words