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Step By Step of how to make my Mad Hatters Hat :)

Tea Party Decorations

Here are a some of the homemade decorations for my Tea Party :) Eat me Drink Me labels, Giant painted roses, hanging Pocket-watch’s  and Book Bunting.

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Tea Party Foods

Some of the food from the tea party, Teacup sugar cookies, Tea infused cupcakes, Mock Turtle Bread and White Rabbit Almond Cookies.

Mad Hatters Tea Party


Well my Tea Party has come and Gone, was great fun, meant to add more updates before the event but party prep and work took over and that didn’t happen but here is a look at the final outfit for the night, might add up some step by steps later once work and life quiets down again :)



Embroidery Detail


Down The Rabbit Hole...Exciting Times with Annie Ruffles.

We had the great experience recently of working with some amazingly talented folks on a bridal photoshoot with the amazingly talented Eva Birdthistle. The theme of the wedding was a beautiful take on Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and we were delighted to style the tea party. 429 more words


Did someone say tea?

In keeping with the fact that I’m a total tea fiend, my theme for today’s Treasury Tuesday is Tea and Tea Parties.

Some of the items put forward are absolutely 149 more words

Treasury Tuesday

It Begins...

Started to make my costume for my mad hatters tea party, and what is the one thing you want to wear when you will be eating large amounts of food, a corset…well no but its gunna look really pretty!