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Mad in America: Do Psychiatrists Harm their Patients out of Stupidity?

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Here’s my new provocative article about why I think some psychiatrists unwittingly harm their patients, based on working alongside psychiatrists every day for 28 years!

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Anti-psychotics, damn lies and statistics

Today, I was asked to clarify some information surrounding an earlier post about Carrie Fisher and the role that anti-psychotic medications may or may not have played in her death from a heart attack.  1,010 more words


Mad In America: Wendy Dolin Takes on GlaxoSmithKline And Wins — For Now at Lea

Wendy Dolin Takes on GlaxoSmithKline And Wins — For Now at Least


Jim Gottstein, JD

May 2, 2017



In July of 2010, Stewart Dolin, a partner at the mega law firm Reed Smith, jumped in front of a subway train in Chicago, killing himself. 1,257 more words


Further Reflections on the Misguided Concept of Recovery

By Marvin Ross

Last year, I wrote about what I called the unintended consequences of focusing on recovery in schizophrenia. I’ve also published an e-report called… 847 more words

Mad In America

Dr Terry Lynch: Psychiatry: Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Psychiatry: Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Terry Lynch, MD

October 30, 2016




Contrary to their claims of doing so continually, psychiatrists do not treat known organic illnesses. 1,476 more words


Mad in America: It’s Possible — and Beneficial — to Stop Feeling Guilt and Shame

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Here’s my new article that explores some ways that I’ve found to be effective in getting free of experiencing guilt and shame.

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