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Parable Mad-Libs

As you may have seen in the lobby, we’re exploring the form of parables through Mad-Libs.  We have two available, on the lobby display and in the audience context guide (link at the top of this blog), but others have made their own as well! 54 more words


Four MS Word templates for making your own material!

I use technology more in some classes than I do in others. The reason for this is largely down to what resources and equipment are available. 1,478 more words


A Little T. Jeff Humor

I am so so so proud of today’s bell ringer activity! For real. So proud. :-) I wouldn’t say I know a ton about Thomas Jefferson, but I spent some time reading about him to make yesterday’s Chapter 8 preview (see… 214 more words

Standard 2: Content Knowledge

Creative Writing Class - Week 4 Assignments

Below is this week’s journal entry:  1) a three-paragraph story beginning with a Mad-Libs type character identification.  2) two paragraphs where a character’s garbage is analyzed, and 3) a free-verse poem about someone who is older but is still a kid at heart.   1,009 more words


"Super Bowl" Happens, Probably Not Important

readme’s not sure if you’re aware of this, folks, but on Sunday there was this little-known sporting event called the Super Bowl. We know, we know, you spent that night curled up in a cocoon in the computer lab working on your 251 homework and thus have no idea what went on in the outside world in your absence. 355 more words

Issue 18000048

Writer's Blank

So what do you do when your computer becomes corrupted and erases all the articles you were working on? You make other people write for you! 2,183 more words