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Steve Carell Will Replace Bruce Willis In A Woody Allen Movie, Which Sounds Like A Hollywood Mad Lib

Earlier this week, Bruce Willis announced that he was leaving the ensemble cast of Woody Allen’s new film due to a conflict with his upcoming appearance in the Broadway adaption of Stephen King’s Misery. 315 more words

Film Drunk

Why is This a Thing? | Mad Libs

What’s Gilbert Gottfried’s joke about two guys on an island? How does Zack Snyder spend his free time? What’s the name of Macaulay Culkin’s Velvet Underground cover band? 54 more words

Why Is This A Thing?

Elephants Raking Jellybeans

Daughter is quite the crafty little artist.  Her artwork is amazing, and she has even began sewing (by hand) too.  With this creative side comes the crazy emotional ‘It has to be perfect’ child.   249 more words


Mad Libs

There’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing, and that’s mad libs. Here are a few:

The blue Dragon is the sleepiest Dragon of all. It has crusty kidneys, and a nose shaped like a computer.

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The Bachelorette: We've Gone Mad (Week 9)

Kaitlyn is driving us crazy. With here back and forth with Shawn and Nick… meanwhile the world’s most perfect, articulate man (ahem, Ben) is just chillin with his beautiful face and his above-a-3rd-grade-reading-level words (not something all the guys can claim). 625 more words

It's Life

mad (libs) responses

On October 24th, when Robynbird and YBW _______________________________


down the aisle,   ________________________________________________________

                                                                                                              (your name)

______________________________ be there to ________________________________

                      (will/will not)                                                                                                       (verb)

them.  I am so ___________________________________ for Robynbird and YBW! 80 more words


DailyBlog : Modern Day Mad-Libs

Got fidgety while trying to write, needed a brain-break. Ended up finding a “plot generator” aka a computerized mad-libs. Gave it a try for a sci-fi plot. 170 more words