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Missing Word Stoies: HMS Supercalifragi-etc.

You know what period of history I love? Age of Sail. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World is one of my very favourite movies ever, and watching it made me pick up the book series in a snap, though I never finished the series. 274 more words


The Maddest Libs

When I came back from New Zealand at the end of March, I knew I didn’t start my TIP summer teaching job until the beginning of June. 936 more words

10 exciting wedding activities that will make you wish you were getting married this weekend....

I love wedding ceremonies, the joy of seeing the groom pledge undying love to his bride is priceless and simply what I wish for in the nearest future. 261 more words


Notches In the Spiritual Bedpost

Okay, bear with me here.

This post by Neil Carter over at “Godless in Dixie” got me thinking about the message that gets communicated by Christianity. 825 more words


Missing Word Stories: The Princess Wizard

Hey, suckers–pinch, punch, first of the month and no returns to all of you, nyah!

In blog news, this blog got its highest number of likes ever yesterday, I am the… 223 more words


Brendan Rodgers' Mad-Libs Liverpool

Watching Liverpool this season has become a cruel routine. About an hour before the game the realization that it will be another crappy performance starts to form and since its only 10am and I have not been diagnosed with a problem, there is no liquid escape. 771 more words

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