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Mad Libs: Bringing Horrible Humans Together 7

Castle For Sale

Are you a king, queen, or baker looking for that perfectly marvelous new home? Then have we got a cute place for you! 709 more words


License Plate Game - Kids Car Travel Game

  1. License Plate Game – US States

To play the License Plate Game, see how many plates you can find, marking them off as you spot each one. 1,370 more words


Mad Libs Generator Coding Challenge 

Simon has completed Daniel Shiffman’s Mad Libs Generator Coding Challenge – a fun word game where one fills in a google form and the words filled in are then used by the algorithm to create sentences. 25 more words


Gift ideas for your adventure traveler

Waxing nostalgic…When I was a kid, my Mother used to hand my brother and me the Sears Christmas Wish Book. She’d give us both magic markers and tell us to mark everything we wanted Santa to bring us for x-mas. 396 more words

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Mad Libs for parents

The other day my wife and I were at the location, when our unflattering adjective child started to action the very expensive and very fragile… 71 more words


Chris Pratt And Jimmy Fallon Play Mad Libs And It's Hilarious!

Last night, Chris Pratt was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new movie Passengers. As per usual, Fallon made his guest play a game on tv. 51 more words


Chris Pratt Channels Santa To Play A Festive Game Of 'Mad Lib Theatre' On 'Fallon'

Move over, Fred Claus! There’s a new classic holiday tale in town and the writing was farted out in the amount of time it takes to hear that same damn Boney M Christmas medley your aunt loves so much. 217 more words