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5-1-2014 | Dream Journal | Comparing Mad Men Yourself Avatars/Gravatars | Our Neighbor's Friend Gets Interviewed By Abby Martin And The SonLife Radio Broadcasting Network

Dream 1

My first dream is really a collection of several connected dreams that I had earlier during the night when I kept waking up and going back to sleep briefly because I could not find a comfortable sleeping/pillow position, and my neck and/or back was/were probably hurting. 881 more words

Dream Journal

I've Mad Men'd Myself!

Okay, so everyone’s done this, but it’s been oodles of time since I did it last (and, honestly, I wanted to share a dark and smokey night with Don Draper…) – I decided to put my new… 71 more words


Dress yourself up: Mad Men

To be honest, I don’t watch Mad Men nor intend to. Drama series ain’t my cup of tea – real life gives me loads of it, thanks -, and I don’t really wish I lived in such a sexist, racist environment. 395 more words


TV round up: OMG moments of Mad Men and karaoke flops of Duets

Hello Mad Men lovers-  Did you see this past week’s episode so appropriately named “The Other Woman”?  OMG. One of the best episodes EVER.  Can you believe Joan did the nasty with the car dealer?  252 more words


Mad Men Yourself 2012

This is truly the only way I will ever have drinks with the men from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce advertising agency. I encourage any Mad Men lover to go to… 117 more words


Mad Men Yourself For the OC Blogger Bash

Mad Men Yourself is a great little icon-generator that’ll get you all inspired for the OC Blogger Bash coming up Sunday, October 9th. MomsLA co-Founders Elise Derby, Yvonne Condes and Sarah Auerswald… 51 more words

Party Time


I guess everybody  knows the award winning TV-show Mad Men… MadMenYourself is a web application that allow you to create a MadMen-styled avatar. The idea is really great and there are many possibilities. 9 more words