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I'm going to blog about that

This week, I was going to write about starting a business while having extreme anxiety.

But then I decided, guess what would be funner? Funnier? Funny? 507 more words


Mad Men: El fin de una era

La serie de televisión que definió un estilo, que trajo de vuelta los años 60 llega a su fin y nadie espera muchas sorpresas. Desde sus créditos nos anuncia que se viene la caída, el fin de un modelo, de una forma de hacer las cosas, de la vida hasta como la conocíamos hasta aquellos años. 1,591 more words

How Mad Men Changed the Way I Think

Movies have always been nostalgic. Think of City Lights and The Gold Rush. Think of Midnight in Paris, Grease, Ready Player One, and all the great period films. 984 more words


Don Draper - Self-help Guru

Since I don’t pay for cable, I have to wait for episodes of good TV programs, from around the world, to come on Netflix. I try to stay off of entertainment news broadcasts so that I have no idea what is going on and can watch it with the same surprises as everyone else. 1,061 more words


Do you remember what you said to me, that day, beneath the towering oak? This was long ago, before we knew what would become of us.

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