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Mad Men s4e10: Hands and Knees

“I just want some warning.”

“Why? What are you gonna do?”

“Whatever I have to. You can run the agency without me.”

Oof, this is a loaded episode filled with people hiding shit. 1,286 more words

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Word Cloud: CONTRARY


‘Light Verse’ – one of those labels like ‘children’s book’ that makes a many people assume a writer’s work is not quite good enough to be called poetry or literature. 3,034 more words



I am usually not like this. I am capable of making the right choices (I think). I like to use my brain more than the “heart.” But the last couple of days have just been indicating one and only thing, “start smoking.” 212 more words


Don Draper would've done it better

I don’t watch much network television so usually avoid commercials. But because I’m all about March Madness, I am now, unfortunately, also all about commercials. 43 more words

Quest for the Holy Thermobaker

As a Librarian, I often help people find obscure books, decipher historic maps, and help them navigate the wilds of the Internet.  So I thought… how hard could it be to find a Thermobaker?   204 more words

Chambers Stove