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Writing the vegetables

In the huge interview with Empire that I recommended earlier this week, Christopher McQuarrie shares a story from the editing of Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation… 1,281 more words


A Cold Night in the City

The city was cold, literally. December. The dry, numbing and chilling air was making its presence felt across the city.
At last winters were here. This winter was no different to him. 593 more words


Mad Men episode 112: "Nixon vs. Kennedy"

Sterling Cooper throws an election night party that gets out of hand. Ken Cosgrove finds a pithy stage play written by Paul Kinsey, which is acted out and reveals the author’s many insecurities. 1,275 more words

5 Dads Who Put the "Pop" In Pop Culture

For this week’s editorial, I wanted to take a moment to recognize the dads out there. I’m still a childless bachelor, myself, but I know how hard a good father struggles to provide for his kids, and I can say from experience what an impact those figures can have when they take the time, not just to be money makers and house men, but more importantly, to be actively engaged with their sons and daughters on a fundamental level. 2,100 more words



Mad Men Coasters, 59. per set of 6

The series is over but you can relive it every day with this original coasters!

Sinatra Rat Pack Coasters, 59. 16 more words


Mad Men episode 111: "Indian Summer"

Chickens come home to roost, as Mad Men deals with the fallout of several recent events: Roger’s heart attack, Peggy’s success writing copy for Belle Jolie, and Don pushing away both his half-brother and his wife out of his personal life. 837 more words

Mad Men episode 110: "Long Weekend"

Everyone has plans for the Labor Day weekend, but none of them work out like they’re supposed to. Richard Nixon is also supposed to be the sure winner of the presidential election but the Kennedy campaign is making it closer than it should be. 1,120 more words