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A friend of mine once criticised me for being as obsessed with the costumes and look of Mad Men as I was with the plot developments but it’s hard to ignore them when they’re such a key part of what made the series so compelling, almost becoming a character in their own right. 884 more words

Thank You Again, Betty Draper!

Lots going on for me.  

I have so many great things happening it’s making my head spin.  And I’m not complaining!

One of the things I’ve done of late is decide to watch the final season of Mad Men.   513 more words

Chatting About Things I Like

“A chance to build something”: Mad Men 7×13 – 7×14

I can’t believe I’m finished. It doesn’t feel like I am, because the end wasn’t very conclusive – the show’s over but their stories aren’t. Some of the suspense was taken away for me because I knew what the ending would imply for Don, but I didn’t know the context, and I knew nothing about any of the other characters. 2,385 more words


Why 'Halt and Catch Fire' is a Good Period Piece — But Not a 'Mad Men' Level One

Like a certain other AMC period drama, on Halt and Catch Fire, work is never just work. It’s everything. HACF, which returns tonight for a third season, takes advantage of its 1980s tech industry setting to tell the story not just of personal computers branching out from the geeky margins into the mainstream, but of personal lives seeping into the office, and vice versa. 1,007 more words


“Quite a year”: Mad Men 7×10 – 7×12

Hey, I have a question. How come no one warned me that season seven has a 14th episode? I’ve decided to split the remaining episodes in half, so here’s three, and the final two will come in two days, and THEN my final thoughts after that. 2,490 more words


The Best TV Shows for Writers

I know that a good amount of writing advice out there includes a rule somewhere that says something like, “Turn off the TV and write”… 953 more words


My movie star mother

By Patricia Conover

Most of the time, my mother was what is dismissively called “a housewife,” although in truth, housework was the least of it. 1,840 more words

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