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Riesling, Xabregas, Mad Men, Mount Barker, Western Australia, 2014, 12.2% abv, AUS$27

This Riesling hails from the far reaches of western Australia – below Perth along the southern coastline in Mount Barker.

The area has a Mediterranean influence, slight elevation, and is moderated by winds blowing in off the Southern Ocean which makes for some of the coolest growing conditions in Oz. 111 more words


Lowered Expectations

Paul Thompson has written what sounds like an awesome book,  Aim Low: A Story About Lowered Expectations.  I  may read it, or listen to it or whatever I have to do to consume this material.  763 more words

Telstar and the Dawn of Globalisation

The icon for this website, the white golf ball-like object floating in a blue void, is an image I edited in Photoshop. The photograph the image derives from depicts a very famous and very significant piece of Cold War-era technology – Telstar 1. 368 more words



By Hans Ebert
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At the end of it all, we come here alone, we leave here alone and we do our best to fill in the middle bits with things that have something of us in it. 1,470 more words

Hans Ebert

Heather the Totality by Matthew Weiner, 4 Stars

I have a Mad Men sized hole in my heart. Anyone else? It was just such an amazing show. And sure, it jumped the shark at times, but it did come back around and I think stayed true to itself. 526 more words

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For The Period Piece Lovers...

Hello again, trusted reader! Thanks for tuning in to another edition of The Netflix Corner.  In this post, I will be talking about the awesome genre that is… 491 more words

Good Girls

I didn’t know what to expect from NBC’s 2018 midseason limited series “Good Girls.”  My nearest association was the heartbreaking cancellation of Amazon’s “Good Girls Revolt” and the cast of Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman (her?).   162 more words