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Freeway Vermont, Two-Lane Vermont

Something struck me in last night’s election returns. Specifically, the two-seat switch from R to D in the state senate, the Republicans losing their last remaining seats in Chittenden and Washington Counties. 598 more words

2016 Election

Plans for the weekend-The Mad River Valley

So excited, this weekend, since of course I can’t travel all day every day like I wish. Like I would just love to leave my ordinary boring and mundane life behind, to be an Au Pair and to teach English around the world. 482 more words

Run for the Hills

At one point on the course of the Mad Half Marathon, we hit a little stretch of flat-to-slightly-downhill as we ran by a mailbox that said “Von Trapp Farm”. 425 more words

Grand Teton

All Hills & Fall Chills: 2016 Mad Marathon (State #44)

I signed up for the Mad Marathon in Vermont’s Mad River Valley because it’s one of those rare marathons that takes place in July. I assumed that with my summer training I would be able to handle a warm run in the northeast, and by coasting off my post- 1,643 more words


Packed House

Fayston, Vermont.

“Mom, don’t you ever want to pet just one dog?”

“No. I just wish I had more hands.”

A neighbor comes to call

Fayston, Vermont. Barking woke me up. Linus and Charlie were sounding the alarm downstairs, loudly. I looked at my bedside clock: 11:30. Probably a mouse or maybe a raccoon on the deck. 501 more words

Following the thread: Special Mother's Day Edition

Slightly off-topic from Fayston, VT. For Mother’s Day, I bought myself a new sewing machine. Fashion frustration has brought me back to the sewing circle. Sometimes my favorite Carhartt cargo shorts are, well, too casual. 465 more words