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My Recipe for M.A.D. Skills

I signed up for a campus writing challenge, the Write 6X6 project, to post over the next six weeks about my thoughts and experiences on teaching, learning and students success. 584 more words


The Fanciest Thansgiving

My brother is going to his girlfriend’s parents home in Vermont for Thanksgiving.

They shoot their own turkey.

Let’s just say that PCW’s gun skills are not up to par with her family…. 66 more words


Political Banner Ad

In this assignment we were to create a political ad for a dog. Weird, but whatever. We were to create a clipping mask to select out the dog from his background, and a text-mask for the RACE TO 2016 text. 72 more words


Pawndered Thought: September 3, 2015

We have a saying in this family: Mad Skills.

(Although I’m not entirely settled on which definition of Mad I’m going to go with.)


I love cell phones

I am a cell phone whore. I’ve had a phone since I was 12 and I’m 29 now. Whenever I get a scratch on my phone or a new color came out, I’d get it. 202 more words

Partial Converts and The Teacher Becomes The Student

I’ve been really busy (when I’m not contemplating virgins) converting yogis. So far, I have two partial converts. I call them “partial” converts because I said I wouldn’t take their commitment seriously until they bought their own mats (which neither of them has done). 75 more words