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bite the bullet (journal)

So I’ve begun a new (to me) way of getting and keeping myself organized. I spent a great deal of time and effort at my work table planning and executing this organizational process and I think I’ve finally got it just right! 469 more words


...Because I Stood On The Shoulders Of (A) Giant(s) 

Yeah, I’m not usually up making posts at this time of night, but this’ll be quick.

A friend of ours, EP, who is well over 6 feet tall came to acro tonight, and I got to stand on his shoulders. 39 more words



For the first time since I was 24 I am ORIENTED.

24 found me in downtown San Francisco, where my mother landed me through buying me a ticket to see my friends there, which she lied about to my father I FINALLY have realized. 397 more words

Getting There Part 2

I was browsing my old photos when I saw this old video of yours:

I wish I can teach you how to play the violin. So I can see that smile again.


One day, when I was in my fourth grade gym class, I taught myself to whistle. Gym class was monotonous. I’d either stand waiting to get hit by a dodgeball or hang out on the sidelines after I was bounced out. 908 more words