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Power, a poem by Kayla Williamson

Delicate and malleable

Priceless yet aloof

My mind does not exist on earth

Unless you have the proof

Brain power to the stars

I am unsure of my forte… 83 more words


Frokost i skyggen af arenaen i Nimes

Vi har fundet en plads i skyggen af arenaen og får frokost.


Tak for is

Farmor og farfar giver is i varmen. Vi siger mange tak.



Lost, forgotten, a moment of anger. A realization of being used for ones own benefit.  No not you… something else. Used for my broken heart to make another think they are being a worthy friend. 341 more words


Mad Because

Mad because I care too much what people think.

Mad because some people make it really hard to love them.

Mad because I see possibilities that are just beyond my reach. 55 more words


Gonna Be Another Rant.... You Have Been Warned

You ever get so fed up with someone….? Yeah well that’s my life right now… Lately I’ve been getting fed up with my fiancé. God some days I just wanna drive far far away and live by myself for a little bit… Lately it’s been bad. 614 more words