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The Madame has summoned so let’s go find out what all the hype around Madame Zingara is

Everybody that has been to Madame Zingara has been raving about how spectacular and magical the show is, and everybody who hasn’t is asking ‘What is Madame Zingara about?’ and nobody has given a straight answer. 886 more words

South Africa

Madame Zingara: a celebration of excellence

Madame Zingara’s has been around for no less than 15 years, and their newest show, The Celebration, is just as good as it’s always been. 477 more words


Pre Show - Madame Zingara 15 Year Celebration

15 Years of absolute enchantment, magic and splendour.

This is only in the foyer, before the main entrance to the main arena. I was already excited just strolling around the foyer having some free canapes and hanging around the steampunk inspired “Absolute Vodka” bar. 37 more words


Moving Advice Part 1 - Buying a car in South Africa

Now that I’m a full-fledged expat, slooooowly rounding up my second year as a Capetonian – and I have earned my right to stay by yelling at confused, slow-driving tourists like a proper local would do – I feel I can now pass on my vast knowledge and wisdom (or rather things I’ve learn by trial and error) to anyone contemplating moving to Cape Town…or, in some cases, South Africa. 1,515 more words

Squirrels, Nature, Reflection: The Company's Garden Restaurant

I love nature. And nature in the middle of a busy city is even better. Though Cape Town’s “central park” isn’t quite as extravagant as New York’s little garden, it certainly does have its special charms – wonderful walkways, a rose garden, herb garden, aviary, and an army of fluffy squirrels. 355 more words

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Dinner Theatre...Only Better in After Forever

Over the past couple of years Madame Zingara has become a kind of a ‘diary event’. Friends call each other to make group bookings so they can share in the splendour together, couples treat themselves to a night on the town or birthday celebrations are planned around the dates that the… 838 more words

South Africa

Haarlem and Hope- Company's gardens

Haarlem and Hope in the company’s gardens has been open for roughly two weeks and is already attracting a steady stream of zingara enthusiasts because let’s be honest, the Madam and her team just know how and this is the latest treasure to be hoarded. 134 more words