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Favorite Products from Latvian Cosmetic brands !

Let’s get a little patriotical, but first Thank you so much for almost 40 followers!It’s so crazy to see my blog growing and developing, and that’s all thanks to you.I decided to host a little giveaway when I hit 50 followers, stay tuned for that!(P.S one of the products in this post will be in the giveaway).Okay, back to the fun part.If you didn’t know I’m from Latvia and I love cosmetic products, so why haven’t I talked about my favorite Latvian cosmetic brands and them cosmetic?!We need to change that.I present you My Favorite Products from Lavian Cosmetic Brands! 913 more words


A Different Future - Madara Uchiha

Can you imagine a different future for Madara Uchiha? Maybe a future where he never split from Hashirama Senju and was able to cooperate and become one with the village, live in peace and not in search for something that make himself immortal. 82 more words


6-7 // OOTD

ONE PIECE 1 by faist featuring zipper fly jeans


Noisy May zipper fly jeans

Coclico genuine leather shoes
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It's Madara's birthday💚

Original post: https://gamegift.jp/news/1494824820711835

Madara-san is here, everyone!

I (the writer) thought that his nickname would have been “Mike” or “Mike-senpai”, I was wrong (I bet most of you have had the same thought). 1,043 more words