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Madcow 5x5 Program.  Week 5.5 Deadlifts

Its super late but I wanted to share this post before tomorrow.

Im veering away from bodybuilding style (hypertrophy) lifting and venturing into powerlifting (5×5). Ive decided to run madcow 5×5 for a minimim of 12 weeks. 89 more words


Mad Cow

In honor of today’s snow day here in the nation’s capital, let’s take a stroll down a snowy memory lane.

As you recall, I lived in Tennessee for a few years. 649 more words


The Fall of The Beef Industry.

Agriculture, for most people they think of tractors and combines in the field for the yearly harvest. Agriculture has been around in some form since the beginning of our race. 862 more words


Deriving a Fuzzy-Set Measure of Democracy from Several Dichotomous Data Sets

In a recent post, I described an ongoing project in which Shahryar Minhas, Mike Ward, and I are using text mining and machine learning to produce… 1,536 more words


Mining Texts to Generate Fuzzy Measures of Political Regime Type at Low Cost

Political scientists use the term “regime type” to refer to the formal and informal structure of a country’s government. Of course, “government” entails a lot of things, so discussions of regime type focus more specifically on how rulers are selected and how their authority is organized and exercised. 1,551 more words


Notes From a First Foray into Text Mining

This post was written by Jay Ulfelder and originally appeared on Dart-Throwing Chimp. The work it describes is part of the NSF-funded MADCOW project to automate the coding of common political science datasets. 792 more words

Lab Projects

What is the Beef

I feel really good after having switched to Carnivor beef protein. I want to make it clear that I’m not claiming that there is anything great about it. 417 more words

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