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Trump, an Egotistical Maniac

Politico has a great collection of political cartoons on the Donald.  However Trump is probably more famous now due to being featured on the Cover of Magazines across America.   114 more words

Friday Funday

I love it when celebrities or media personnel reveal how they made it to the top.

They are after all people too. 32 more words


Praise for local press

Many thanks to Wick Advertising Director Cindy Hefley and Regional Advertising Account Executive Inese Kalnins for bringing this clip from The Rachel Maddow Show to our attention. 265 more words


The TPI Morning Gazette: Trump, Ron Johnson, Maddow, Santorum, Conservatism

Non-Progressive News…

When people are desperate, they do desperate things!

Why did Rick Santorum agree to an interview on the Rachel Maddow show last night? Maddow even pre-empted the interview with that very question. 1,217 more words


'You're Fundamentally Wrong': Rachel Maddow and Rick Santorum Face Off

You have to ask yourself, do they ever look back and ask themselves, “Am I that much of an ass?” Rachel Maddow was really trying to put words into Rick Santorum’s mouth, and he would not all it… Good for him! 12 more words