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Rachel Maddow - Are The News Gods Testing Your Capacity For Outrage?


Ever have a day when it seems there isn’t much new going on in the news? Then – BAM – MSNBC or another group weeds out six stories that show a lot is going on.   278 more words


Rachel Maddow On Changing Positions On The War In Iraq In The Republican Party


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow sets the record straight on the untruths told to support the decision to go to war in Iraq. She also discusses how political coverage of “the Iraq question” is allowing Republican candidates to re-write history with Dan Rather of AXS (pronounced “access”) TV.   23 more words


MSNBC ratings hit all-time lows; Fox News outdraws CNN, MSNBC combined in demo

We still feel a bit guilty about posting that unseeable Vine of Chris Hayes’ disturbing vacation dance, but we see it in a different light now that it seems even more likely that Hayes will return to MSNBC only to find the locks changed. 538 more words


GOP generates the wrong kind of global attention | MSNBC

The hubris it takes to interfere with multi-party international negotiations is unparalleled.

Check out Steve Benen’s (@stevebenen) thoughts on the GOP’s interference by clicking  47 more words


MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Looks At Bill O'Reilly's Statesments About Lee Harvey Oswald Associate's Suicide

Hien Lun

According to Media Matters, Bill O’Reilly has repeatedly claimed in his books and on Fox News that while he was reporting for a Dallas television station in 1977, he was directly outside the home at the moment that George de Mohrenschildt — an associate of Lee Harvey Oswald — shot himself in Florida. 108 more words


Did Governor Chris Christie Cut A Deal With Exxon?

There is a controversy out of New Jersey which continues to get more interesting by the day, according to MSNBC.  Years ago, after decades of misuse, Exxon had damaged more than 1,500 acres of wetlands in northern New Jersey. 286 more words