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Political Correctness Extra-Strength

With a president in the White House who is the antithesis of political correctness (PC), the promulgators of inoffensive language and appropriate behavior are marching more fervently than since mid-2015, the point at which the 2016 U.S. 927 more words


Rachel will spend the next 4 years (possibly 8, if she doesn’t have a total mental breakdown first) on one and only one issue….   trying to destroy Trump.   26 more words

Who Released Trump's Taxes?

Rachel Maddow made a few headlines saying she had some of Trump’s old taxes. Immediately the White House released the relevant information that she had, and she was forced to say her big scoop was no deal at all. 619 more words


On hysteria

As a smart person than I might write, Glorioski! So Rachel Maddow lets out that she has a scoop a whopping 90 minutes before her news program and, on said program, laboriously, professionally and honestly provides context for said scoop through the first commercial break and, for her troubles, has become a  28 more words


Oh Rachel, just accept that you blew the Trump Tax return story and move on.
Your explanation that people whipped themselves into a frenzy is complete bullshit. 374 more words

Rachel Maddow: Would You Bang?

We have already covered Pocahontas, so this is the natural follow-up. Under what circumstances, and for what price?

Just remember, no one ever goes to bed with an ugly person, but they might wake up with a few.