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Filmmaker Highlight: Eric Won

I’m not that into social media, but once in a while Twitter really comes through.  It has been recommending filmmakers with web series for me to follow, and so I often go and watch a pilot episode.  781 more words

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Instagram Video or Vine: Why Not Both?

Image credit: Matt Nazaro

In the biggest user divide since Apple and PC, the showdown between Twitter’s Vine
and Facebook’s Instagram Video has prompted heated conversations about which… 584 more words

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5 Lessons on the Future of Video from Mary Meeker

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byer’s rockstar, internet-trend-watching analyst Mary Meeker has just released the 2013 edition of her annual internet trends report at the Wall Street Journal’s D11: All Things Digital Conference. 818 more words

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Orabrush - Insights from Austin Craig

I was in Utah back when people were still using their toothbrushes to clean their tongues, assuming they even knew tongue hygiene mattered at all. 1,239 more words

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Online Video Advertising Market to Double in Four Years

This morning, a new report fresh off the presses from e-marketer indicates blistering growth in online video advertising over the next 5 years. Driven by a proliferation of ad networks, demand-side-platforms and scalable, … 383 more words

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Solving the Equation of a Hit Film Script with Big Data

Vinny Bruzzese charges up to $20,000 to analyze and make recommendations on Hollywood scripts. He is also catching hate in the comment section of NYTimes.com, mostly from people who didn’t seem to read the entire article about his script evaluation company. 228 more words

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Can You Predict a Viral Marketing Video?

As a first order of business, the thunder-stealing, lead-in answer is still “probably not.” That said, this week we’re pleased to announce the launch of… 309 more words

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