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LSD – Made in Israel?

Owing to the work of independent investigators like Jan Irvin and Joe Atwill, many have a growing understanding of the role played by the CIA in popularizing LSD and the psychedelic counterculture. 3,330 more words

The Jewish Problem

10m LDMosfet Linear Amp €1,300

Oh boy! For sale now with delivery from Israel is a 48v linear amplifier that will drive your radio nicely with 1kw “bird” below we will share the details of the amplifier and the information direct from the maker. 171 more words


Natural Olive Oil Soaps

A Dove with an olive branch.

The use of olive oil for skincare,  is long going tradition, developed  naturally in the Middle East.

The effect of olive oil on human health has been since, scientifically proven in numerous studies. 165 more words