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Korean study tools: 3M Post-it Study Mate

When I say Korean study tools I mean both the tools that Koreans use for studying and tools for studying Korean language.

Post-its are probably known in every country in the world but I have never seen this line of Study Mate Post-its before I stumbled across them in an online Korean bookstore where I was searching for a printed version of a webtoon I was reading. 906 more words

Self Studying Korean

Intervista per Teleromagna

E’ uscita su Teleromagna una mia intervista dove parlo dei miei reportage in Corea del Sud e del Nord :)

Qui il link al sito ufficiale: … 19 more words


Made in Korea al Diecixdieci Festival della Fotografia Contemporanea

Il mio lavoro Made in Korea ha vinto la Call for Entry di Diecixdieci – Festival della Fotografia Contemporanea!

Il mio progetto sulla Corea del Sud, quindi, farà parte del circuito ufficiale delle mostre esposte dal 28 settembre al 7 ottobre 2018 a Gonzaga (MN) e Luzzara (RE). 10 more words


[Music] Enter eAeon, South Korea's Modern Rock Prodigy With a Haunting Sadness

Singer-songwriter eAeon (이이언) has been creating music since 1996. One of my favourite artists of all time since I discovered his band “Mot” in 2006, he has since come on my radar once again for defending a South Korean voice actress who was… 390 more words

Made In Korea

[Video] Anti-Spycam Rally Shakes Up Seoul (by dotface)

On June 9th, 30,000 women gathered in the university district of Hyehwa to protest against the biased investigation practices of the South Korean police.

The rally’s roots go back to May 2018, when a male nude model’s picture was illegally circulated on a single website. 99 more words


[News] South Korean women rise up: An interview with Nayoung Kim

Nayoung Kim is a feminist academic and attorney whom I’ve had the privilege to meet and discuss feminist issues with. An unapologetic feminist, Nayoung has worked towards ending sexual and physical violence against women for nearly a decade. 528 more words


Meer Korea in het Nederlands bij NPO Radio 1 / Learn more about Korea in Dutch at NPO Radio 1

Meer over Korea in het Nederlands? Bij NPO Radio 1 kan je meer weten over Seoel, Nord-Koreaanse vluchtelingen, de ouderen (die in geen wozoco’s wonen), en het klassieke stereotype over Koreanen als “gek op studeren” (Vertaald door een vriend van mij: Haegun Chung) 361 more words

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