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I met Victor in the hallway at work.  He asked, “How are you?” He’s Russian, so as a courtesy I tend to answer with something bleak. 85 more words


Second Best Date Ever

The blog title for this entry alludes to what still is, far and away, the ideal date mentioned a few years ago.  Still, get yourself one of these and fit a strobe light in your bedroom. 10 more words

Made Me Laugh

14 Things People Said While I Was Pregnant That Made Me Laugh

People said the darnedest things to me when I was pregnant with my children, which is ironic because I’ve never met a more emotionally unstable person than myself while pregnant. 616 more words


Super Cux

The Alt Right infiltration of the grooming industry is a real thing, people. Resist.

“What are we doing today, sir?”
“Give me the Hitler mullet… 12 more words

Made Me Laugh

Doug Stanhope's Celebrity Death Pool picks 2018

It’s Celebrity Death Pool Time!  Read about it, here … there are still Funeral Homes to join.

Top Ten DSCDP 2018 Picks as of 30 Jan 2018… 296 more words

Made Me Laugh

Let's Talk About Running

I’m not close to many people I work with in the labs but most of the support staff are fantastic. I was having a warm beverage with one of the guys from the mechanical workshop and this conversation ensued. 163 more words


Who Says Gentlemen Don’t Exist Anymore?

Today I took my sister, my brother-in-law and my 86 year old dad shopping. Between my dodgy spine and Fibromyalgia, I generally walk slowly.  Imagine my surprise today, then, when I actually found myself walking faster than someone else in the shopping centre. 26 more words

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