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Re-igniting Passions: Day 13

Day 13- Write a short poem that a child would like.

My patchwork cat is watch guard in the corner

the Paisley of his hugging arms, 58 more words


Today’s lunch is chicken and tomatoes homebaked chia seed whole wheat bread, Doritos, Ferror Rocher, strawberries and blueberry water kefir.

My breakfast that I miss so much!! 702 more words


Creamy chicken tortilla soup, strawberries, cheesy Doritos, Ferrero Rocher, blueberry water kefir

Got my morning cuddles with the little one today too. haven’t done that in a few weeks and it was nice 😍😍 167 more words


Instant Pot Taco Pasta

Lunch is lotus root soup porridge with loads of cilantro, mangoes, chocolate filled biscuits, and apple juice keffir.

Lunch Jjigae. I warmed a HUGE bowl and actually managed to whip it out. 332 more words


Lunch today is lotus root soup porridge, apples, chocolate filling biscuits (forgot the brand) and apple water kefir. I usually try and balance sweet and savory when I pack his lunch. 246 more words


Bosses lunch today is homemade flax seed whole wheat egg salad ham sandwich, Jalapeno Cheetos, honey crisp apples, Ferrero Rocher and apple water kefir.

Kids tried creamy chicken tortilla soup at Costco last weekend and wanted to buy it but I said no and promised to make it for them. 157 more words


Thistle Me Tender

When I see something I want to make, I search for patterns. Alas, I am not always able to find one pattern that suits my fancy, soooooo…. 75 more words