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I got gnocchied away

Rustic… Homemade… Delicious… Comforting… No wonder why people turn to food when they face problems. In sadness. In heartbreak. Most find comfort in food. I find comfort in preparing food. 608 more words


On the 7th Day of Cropping...

On the 7th Day of Cropping, Creative Memories gave to me an idea using seven photographs… 524 more words

Project Ideas

Gift Giving: For the Person who needs Pampering!

I love the idea of making gifts by hand. There’s an extra element of love that goes into homemade gifts plus you have the power to personalize them to your receiver’s wants and needs.   595 more words


On the 1st Day of Cropping...

12 Days of…

Throughout the year, we receive many requests to see layouts/ideas using a certain number of photos on the layout.  So, when we thought about what we would do for “12 Days” we decided it would be great to show you how to use 1-12 photos on a holiday themed layout. 368 more words

Page Layout Ideas

Lamb & Apricot Stew With Dumplings

It’s certainly the weather for winter warmers. I’ve seen friends posting that snow has arrived in parts of the UK and where I am, it is freezing today. 474 more words

Spyro The Dragon Beanie Baby!

It’s very rare I’m really happy with the end result of a plushie but eeee! I love this! Inspired by the beanie babies of my childhood I created a Spyro based on their original pattern where they look like they’re lying down (very similar to the… 25 more words


Happiness is...

On our very first trip to Portugal I remember in my granny’s village a little truck that would drive by every morning.  Everyone in the neighborhood would come running out to where the baker stopped and it was like a mini party, lots of talking and gesturing and bread buying.   420 more words

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