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Made with Love Brands Founder Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger is Today's Honoree

When Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger became a mom for the first time 6 years ago with the birth of her daughter, Rumi 6, she was disappointed when all her options for nursing bras were drab, ugly, matronly and bland colored, not to mention overpriced pieces that looked like something her grandmother would wear. 366 more words


[vlog] Poseable Unicorn Plushie Finished!

AND WE ARE DONE! This video I evaluate how all three prototype went so get ready for a super quiet voice over >_< I also realize that unicorns aren’t actually gaming related or nerdy…BUT I LOVE THEM!


TinMen app

TinMen is a home food delivery app based out of Hyderabad that provides hassle free delivery of healthy and wholesome food at affordable prices, with no additional delivery charges. 339 more words


Pregnancy Weekly Update (2nd Trimester)

  • 14 weeks: I had the first-trimester screening which included an ultrasound and a blood drawn. The ultrasound went great. It was a holly moment to get to see my baby so clear on the screen, seeing her waving her hands and legs around, trying to flip her back… It was so so sweet and adorable.
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Pregnancy Weekly Update (1st Trimester)

  • 3 weeks: Conception just began and the fertilized egg was traveling down the fallopian tube to the uterus. Signs were: sore boobs, a triphasic pattern in BBT and period-like cramp in the right abdominal.
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Journey to our Baby

We got married in September 2016 and moved back to the US in October. Starting November, hubby and I decided that we should get ready for a new family member, that was when I started taking prenatal. 1,559 more words

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