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La madeleine de Marcel Proust

If you’ve ever had a madeleine, you’ll know that they’re a pretty simple pastry. It’s a small spongy cake in the shape of a shell with a hint of lemon. 210 more words

Madeleines for France

I have visited many countries in Europe, but unfortunately I haven’t visited France. When I was exploring what places to visit and what food to try while in France, I came across the Madeleines. 223 more words


Forgetting the Madeleine

Frances Leech | Longreads | May 2018 | 13 minutes (3,315 words)

I have friends in Paris who are now 4 and 6 years old. When I ring the doorbell at their apartment, I hear a clamor of footsteps and shouts of “Franc… 3,417 more words


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Forgetting the Madeleine

At Longreads, Paris-based pastry chef Frances Leech reflects on taste, memory, and literature’s most famous confection: the humble madeleine, immortalized in Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time.


cardamom (not exactly) madeleines

Okay, not even not exactly or not quite, these are not at all madeleines. They’re financiers, just pretending to be madeleines…

But they rise perfectly, they’re quicker to make, and they don’t get dry. 364 more words


Edouard Henri Leon Cortès, (French, 1882-1969), Flower stalls at La Madeleine 01 Painting, Streets of Paris, by the artists of the time, Part 37 - With Footnotes

Edouard Henri Leon Cortès, (French, 1882-1969)

Flower stalls at La Madeleine 

Oil on canvas

13 x 18in (33 x 46cm)

Private collection

Located on Place La Madeleine, the flower market has attracted avid gardeners and curious passers-by since 1808. 474 more words

Our Ballroom Babe

Madeleine joined the school’s ballroom team this year. She loved every minute of it! With her mix of choreography memorization skills and theatric pizzazz, she wowed Rob and I every time she got on the dance floor. 444 more words