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To Call a Fig a Fig

Two nights ago while waiting for a swatch to dry so I could start a new project, I thought I’d be responsible and whip up a quick hat for which I’d wound yarn before our Yellowstone vacation. 475 more words


Purl Bee's Dovetail Scarf

This week I have one finished object, the Dovetail Scarf by the Purl Bee.  (free pattern)

I made it for my sister for her birthday, I hope she likes it. 222 more words


Today on my needles...

Someone in my house finished a scarf and had to cast-on a new project with her fancy silk blend (handspun by me) immediately…

And for me, finishing up my Snowfling Mitts is on the agenda… … 8 more words

Today On My Needles

Today on my needles...

I started the outer part of a mitten…
And finished the outer part of a mitten…

I have never been great at setting down colorwork!

Today On My Needles

Scarf time

Making a scarf for a family member who will be traveling to the east coast in a few months. I really enjoy working with this yarn, it’s the MadelineTosh stargazing. 12 more words


Hi Knitting Friends,

Have your ever sworn off making a yarn pattern using a particular technique or promised never to use a certain yarn? Non-knitters can’t related, but all knitters know what I’m talking about. 243 more words


Christmas Cowl

When I travel, I like to have a few different projects to keep me busy. In the airport, I need something interesting enough to amuse me, but not so complex that if I have to drop it when they change my gate I won’t forget where I’m at in the pattern. 285 more words