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Alice Through The Looking Glass

Thought I’d stick with the current theme of Alice in Wonderland, and tell you my thoughts on the latest instalment, Alice Through the Looking Glass. I finally managed to see it in between work, Jacob, blogging, my birthday and our Paris trip. 841 more words


Moviechallenge July Day 11


I love Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

And I love the movie.

Movie/tv Challenge

Mad Hatter's Hat

One of my favourite blog posts to read is wish lists. And Jade, from Inside the Tower did one in May based on Alice in Wonderland, which you can read… 444 more words


#76 Mad Hatter Te Punca - A southern hemisphere sensation

Review #76 – Mad Hatter Te Punca 75/100

A bold, robust IPA hopped with some potent southern hemisphere strains from New Zealand and Australia.  This is a full flavoured, high alpha acid and fruity IPA with a flavour not often seen in many IPAs. 74 more words


#75 Mad Hatter Sichuan Saison - Gong Bao Beer?

Review #75 – Mad Hatter Sichuan Saison 68/100

I remember when I tried proper Sichuan food for the first time, and it was in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.   271 more words



I love pictures like this it makes me feel so creative it gives me the urge to write to answer those questions the picture asks to be able to give this creation a world of its own

Diary Of Elijah

Alice in Purgatory

Who doesn’t like the dark stuff? :)

Quotes: Red shines bright on white (The White Rabbit)

Every rose holds thorns (the Rose)

There’s a fine line between the good and the bad. 6 more words

#Alice In Purgatory