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I often find myself wishing I could be Alice in Wonderland. Odd dream perhaps, but it is true none-the-less. I have my own adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s original story, which lies somewhere between Alice hallucinating on bad LSD and the narrative of the story actually being told by Alice’s psychiatrist who is walking us through the many manifestations of her schizophrenic mind. 1,683 more words

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Halloween & Harvest Festival

Halloween is the time of the year that everyone dresses up, watches scary movies, and gets chocolate wasted. For the mature group of people it’s a different kind of wasted if you know what I mean unless you have kids and you’re just stuck with tired kids and going door to door asking for candy. 559 more words


Been gone for nearly a year. I am back this time for real

So, in the last year, I can hardly tell you what I have done. All I know is time has flown so quickly! Once the new year hit, it seems like time was sped up. 661 more words

Drunk flamingos, treading grass

Drowning in tea,

pressured in to being someone different than me.

obscure reality dredging dreams.

opiate coloured theme.

interior monologues, quite pristine.


nightmare abundance or triply wave of harem.

“of cabbages and kings”


ToW: Madhatter 3-03

Susan was running. Her lungs burned from the cold air she sucked in and the strain, but there was no stopping for a rest. The wolves were closing in fast. 788 more words

Tales Of Wunderland