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Diary of Elijah page 6

  My head started to feel heavy and the floors seems to start getting closer at the edge of my vision. Everything was turning a deep crimson color. 390 more words


Diary of Elijah page 5

As I hit the doorway I heard the distinct voice of my teacher calling my name “Elijah you wouldn’t be trying to “ his voice was lost in the deafening sound of high schoolers roaming the halls. 465 more words


Diary of Elijah page 4


Looking at the teacher, I noticed a look of anger showing in his face, I quickly sat down and tried to make myself invisible. Which now seemed a foolish endeavour as all eyes seemed to be focused on me. 596 more words


In Class Blog Post

Dear Viewer,

You have arrived at my blog! Congrats that you can navigate to this little corner of the web!

This blog post is themed “Alice in Wonderland” in order to branch the story with my brand, … 417 more words


Diary of Elijah page 3

One girl, who always seemed to live for attention, moved her mouth as if getting ready to speak.

“Why are you so weird? You never participate or talk. 434 more words


Diary of Elijah page 2

 It seemed as if I were trying to blend into the wall,to be unseen


 “that’s because your a loner”

 “… oh thanks, I like to think of myself as  being shy but I guess that works to … “ 390 more words


Dairy of Elijah page 1

 “Crimson: a rising tide in the world “

The bright red letters shown across the smartboard as the teacher pointed at it. As if it were important and the whole world had to know about the powerpoint he most likely stole from another teacher. 352 more words