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Mad 4 U

Anyone who is a fan of Madiran knows your glasses will never be clear again and this is no exception. 14 dollars & 50 cents for this organic stain infusion. 161 more words


Welcome to the Pyrénées! #TDF2017 Heads to South West France

Stage 11 will be the sprinters’ last hurrah for a few days, so expect them to race for glory before they slink to the back of the peloton tomorrow. 534 more words

Tour De France By The Glass

Now You See It...

If the label of this new rosé signed Lionel Osmin & Cie is unreadable, it is because the wine is not at the right temperature. It’s a clever innovation to be sure to enjoy drinking in optimal conditions! 132 more words


Torus Madiran


ORIGIN: France (Sud-Ouest, Madiran)

VARIETALS: Cabernet-Tannat

SAQ PRICE: $15.55

IN A NUTSHELL:  A poor man’s Madiran

There may be only a$5 difference price between this Madiran and Château Bouscassé’s Madiran, but the difference in quality is HUGE. 52 more words


Duck Season: Eating, Drinking, and Other Misadventures in Gascony, France’s Last Best Place

When David McAninch first moved to Plaisance du Gers, a small village in Gascony, with his wife Michele and their young daughter, Charlotte, he was going full-force Francophile by indulging a dream he’d nourished for years—to become part of French village life, a move he chronicles in… 545 more words

My Tannat Brings All The Boys in the Yard

Who doesn’t love madiran?

Greasy grimy fruit, dirt under nails, sweat stain on back, August thunderstorm on asphalt, the impossible desire for an almost-legal at the peak of nature’s beauty. 66 more words


Château Bouscassé Madiran 2011


IN A NUTSHELL:  Simply delicious, robust red wine

ORIGIN: France (Sud-Ouest, Madiran)

VARIETALS: Tannat 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 26%, Cabernet Franc 24% 77 more words