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The Cult of Brumont: Alchemy in a Glass

I met Alain Brumont at The Stand, over a nice dinner arranged by local wine merchant Elie Boudt, and when I gripped the knotted, platter-sized hand of Brumont in greeting, I was struck with an overwhelming moment of déjà vu. 1,740 more words


Madiran and Cahors

Please join me, Spec’s fine wine buyer Bear Dalton, on Monday March 21st at 7pm for Madiran and Cahors. Discover the tastes of Tannat (newly popular wine from Uruguay but native to Madiran) and Malbec (wildly popular wine from Argentina but native to Cahors) as grown-and-produced on their home turf. 214 more words

Wine Event

Bonjour Tendresse

Should I be a vegetarian? I’ve often asked myself the question. Sure, watching a documentary on an industrial slaughterhouse is the best way to keep you from ever buying meat in a supermarket again. 277 more words


This week's suggestions: Which wine of France's southwest is right for you?

Saint-Mont 2014, Les Vignes Retrouvées, Plaimont Producteurs, France white, $12.85, SAQ #10667319. Very aromatic, with tropical notes and a very lemony acidity. Very clean, dry and fresh. 349 more words


The Sud-Ouest: Welcome to France’s most complicated wine region

Some wine regions are fairly easy to understand. Burgundy, the easiest, has essentially two main grapes and a very defined style of wine. Bordeaux is a touch more complicated, but mention it to an amateur wine lover and they will usually be able to offer a general description of the wines on offer there. 928 more words


Mid-Week Wine: Tannat — The big tannic red of the southwest

Need an inexpensive wine to get you through to the weekend? Here’s a suggestion with some notes about the grape that makes the wine.

The tank grape’s native home is in the southwest of France, and in particular the appellation of Madiran and westward toward the Pyrenees, where it is the primary grape of the Basque appellation of Irouléguy. 206 more words