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A wine to go with every course of dinner: Madiran

The Southwest is one of my favorite culinary regions of France. It is also home to some lovely wines with interesting personality, including the Madiran. The Southwest is a vast region between Toulouse and the Basque country. 1,132 more words

Food And Wine Pairing

【法國五月酒】by Wylie



個人推介可參加五月十六、十七一連兩天在赤柱的市集,應該有很多美食如風乾火腿、芝士、鵝肝等。酒方面有 Cahors (即 Malbec) 、Madiran 等,都是平日較少接觸的。還有就是 Armagnac ,是一種和干邑差不多,也是用葡萄釀酒再蒸餾的烈酒,陳年的話…㑹相當醇厚,令人回味!

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Buyers’ Guide to VINTAGES March 21st - Part Two

Southwest France, Riesling & the Best of the Rest
By John Szabo MS with notes from Sara d’Amato

The deep southwest remains one of those lost and misunderstood corners of France, as seemingly impenetrable as the local accent. 1,834 more words


Madiran – World's Healthiest Wine

In early 20th century, changing opinions and medical research on alcohol and alcoholism were a set back for wine as part of a healthy lifestyle and diet; but opinions changed again in the past three decades due to increasing research suggesting that moderate wine consumption has many health benefits. 376 more words


Chateau Peyros "Magenta" 2010

Please forgive my less-than-consistent updates as of late — between the holidays and other commitments, free time has been scarce. Busy is good, I suppose. But I’ve been looking forward to writing about this wine, and I have a trip planned to a Virginia winery this weekend as well that I plan to share with you. 438 more words

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Tannat: The King Of The Southwest - A Post From Le Du's Wines

Every summer until the age of 18 years old I spent my summers in Bordeaux.  For both lunch and dinner there was always a bottle of wine on the table. 389 more words


A New Year and New Red Daily Slosh(es)

I wanted to start the year with one of my favourite songs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a video of Joni Mitchell singing it but Diana Krall is no slouch, if you knowwhatImean. 763 more words