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6th day of 28toMake

Today is the 6th day and I had to wait until it almost ended to post my completed task.

Today’s task was to watch people that I met or saw today and come up with certain descriptive words to create a fun sentence.

Here it is – completed.

how to accomplish something in an ambiguous world

There are two basic steps to accomplishing anything: 1. Figure out the problem. 2. Solve the problem. The difficulties lie in doing just that.

The problem with the two steps is, what is my problem and how do I solve it? 306 more words


He Said *what*?

You’ve heard the expression, “you can laugh about it, or you can cry about it.” Some days, I’m not sure if I have any more tears left, or the energy to laugh. 101 more words



Try something new…use this mad lib to get your creative mind working and who knows; you may have a start to a new book, a chapter or even a quick poem. 18 more words

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Episode 32 - Rageousness Against the Machine

Still ravaged by The Flu, potato blight, and Lenten-induced shellfish allergies, Dizzy & Ges carry on through this most blessed season of prayer and penance. And how could they not, when the Sunday gospel reading dials up a heavy dose of messianic rageousness? 44 more words