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"Can madness save the world?" Paris Williams #EmergesProud to tell us how.

Paris Williams, PHD, was talking about the need for a paradigm shift in how mental ‘illness’ is perceived back in 2012; could the chaos the world is now in actually be the push humanity needs to bring us to the tipping point for change? 84 more words

For Aphrodite and Madness - 103 & 104

Aphrodite, come and find me
Bury me in a bed of roses
Let me have as many beautiful lovers as the petals – leave me breathless in your honor and my ecstasy and their passion… 220 more words

a mess

Inside: we are a mess

Of flashbacks and diluted green tea

(do you know how gross it tastes?)

And swords

That’ve never been sharper.

Inside: you are a madman… 90 more words


A Cure for Wellness, A Cure for Ennui

So, I wrote about the sometimes-blasé nature of contemporary horror in a recent piece on The Bye Bye Man, a much hyped movie that turned out to be a dull, formulaic disappointment.  1,337 more words



What am I here for?
What is the point in living?
What am I here to do with myself?
What am I?
What am I supposed to be in nature? 1,076 more words


Episode 1. Series on Jesus, peace be upon him.


Who is god?

Is Jesus the son of Mary?

Who created Mary?


1. God has a mother.

2. God created a woman and then he born in the womb of that woman.


Unstable Mind.


"Party Game" Madness coming this Friday!

The next madness of the school year will be produced by second year playwright, Cristina Luzarraga!  Her prompt is “Party Game” Madness!  For her madness, she has asked the playwrights to explore characters who are strangers onstage. 243 more words