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Do we...

Only find greatness after lunacy or is it they we are trapped in our own minds? Screaming, beating against the glass but no one hears us.  28 more words

Cover it Live Blog Link

This is a live blog about cell phone usage! everyone uses there phone all the time its like we have a phone glued to our forehead. 17 more words

Keeping cool under stress

Is incredibly difficult and for the birds. Yesterday I was having a lovely day at work. It was going to be a good day in sales and I was going to be able to meet my goals and wow some customers. 517 more words

Recreating Myself within a Changing Economy

Seventy years ago my family closed a lumber company in upstate New York. A series of small towns had built up primarily around the business and had to be abandoned and redefined. 1,845 more words

Clyde Dee