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Blended family relationships-Can we all get along? 

There are a number of blended family relationships – stepdad and biological dad, stepmom and biological mom, step child and biological child, stepdad and stepchild, stepmom and stepchild and so on. 357 more words


The world Gone mad

Sorry to disappoint you but his isn’t about Trump or Brexit but please click on the like button before you move on to reading the next post about how the world is ending or how we are entering a new golden age depending on your persuasion. 346 more words


Win Like A Warrior

Well, I did it.

30 days, 50,157 words after validating (50,177 words according to my Word doc), 118 pages, and 8 chapters.

My first big November win is in the bag. 778 more words


week 425 ~ what is important really think

what is important really think
hard because obsessing about
everything is madness no doubt
kid it will drive you to the brink
of terminal confusion drink… 36 more words


The unspoken waves of romance

The deafening noise of the unspoken,

Sad songs, buried words, signals mistaken.

Your brain contemplates for itself a Shakespeare of its own.

Your heart is melting off this fire, for it’s made of stones. 30 more words



Fitting into The Infinite

Shipping into the missions and

Observing through a kaliedos’ lens

Rummaging in the past, for solutions to the now and thens… 87 more words


Indigo Children

She thought she was safe that night, when she slipped past a group of protesters into the pub. However, it was here where the real danger was percolating: once again, Sister Madly found herself facing… 790 more words