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This House

This house is cloaked in darkness
Or really don’t you see?
You play as if this madness
Is felt by only me.

You act as if the silence… 44 more words






With every tick of the clock and breathe of air, the tension in my body slowly receded and in the depths of my soul it returned to its peaceful slumber; my trembling body came to a halt and the tight grip of my already white knuckles loosened. 691 more words



You, that dare to tempt…
Exhume my shame
Call my secret name

For hidden in this kind heart
Lives a dishevelled soul
Oh, such pleasure she’d take… 34 more words

Wendy's Poetry

I'm Not Too Keen on Mondays


It’s Monday again.

Here’s something to brighten your morning, complete with gospel singers and steel drums, chosen to invoke a decidedly sunnier climate than we currently have in the UK: 7 more words

I'm Not Too Keen On Mondays

4 Thoughts on Staying Focused on Jesus in the Madness of This World

I remind myself today that Satan uses smoke screens to divert our attention onto him and his fear, rather than God.  

The world is a crazy place.  1,038 more words

“Happiness Is a Choice”

Then so is suffering. Although I think both statements are merely blankets and too simplistic.

I abhor positive psychology because it never touches the root of suffering enough to eradicate it–because here we are, still suffering. 57 more words


Mousey brown with fiery red potential, she could laugh, cry and make war without pausing to draw breath. The stuff of legend when gift-wrapped, for upon just merest glimpse it is said many a red-blooded cove’s fly buttons would hit the ceiling tout de suite. 953 more words