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The Mad Man in My Attic

There’s a mad man in my attic, and he’s been there for years

I’ve always sensed his presence, but chose not to see him

He keeps me awake at night, stomping and swearing… 92 more words


Peel back the gauze,

the mesh-work,

the skein of your vast

improbable being.

I want to see

the spaces where your pain

is still fresh, 78 more words


Signs apocalyptic: They fell from the sky by the thousands and horrified the world!

Creatures are falling from the skies. They are falling on our spirits, Eating our souls, Undermining our foundations. These are truly signs apocalyptic!

-Jean De Wire, on his deathbed 1943.

92 more words
Everyday Krim

What a Piece of Work is a Man

Shakespeare was clearly fascinated by madness. Indeed many of his characters exhibited many different symptoms of dementia provecto, as Lear, Jaques, Timon, Macbeth, Leontes and even the feigned madness of Hamlet demonstrate. 458 more words

Social Issues

Too bleak for a Saturday

In which our heroine realises the world is batshit insane and resorts to escapism

The world has gone insane. INSANE. People are being bombed to death daily, in schools and home and hospitals, and we don’t even talk about ending the wars anymore.

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I wrote for you because you were once poetry but what could have happened to the both of us, that you are simply unable to inspire me and I am simply unwilling to write? 665 more words

Short Story


I have always loved the song “Madness” by Muse…so I got some inspiration and I threw my own flavor on it. Check it out and share with everyone.