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I say something.
She does not agree.
She slowly comes over
and slaps me.

It is like there is no middle place.
There is no room for discussion. 45 more words


The End of the Cosmos

I was sitting in a dark room,
Only walls and no light inside.
O who was with me, Nyarlathotep?
When the Universe was falling apart? 81 more words

Reveal - from rivrvlogr #writephoto


Foundation, firm,
yet clearly troubled,
given his demeanor
of inconsistencies.

Greater concern for
the attic of his thoughts,
barn swallows freely nesting,
dancing in the light of his eyes.

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The Fear of Pain

Dark clouds upon my mind,
Time standing still in fright.
They would come to beat me up,
And Ramses did call the cops.

In Ramses’ hidden place I crawled, 72 more words

A Red Mars

Nice short SciFi!

A Red Mars
by Luna LoveWell

The door was built into the side of a cliff, but about a foot of Martian dust had accumulated in front of the step. 715 more words


Mixture of life

I would want you to wait,

Amidst all things clear,

And amidst all things chaotic;

Let clarity grant you peace,

And chaos, a hint of madness; 15 more words


To you

in the valleys

down there


the tide

will not turn

roll in your grass

wipe your eyes

go to your 63 more words