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Louisville's season was extended with the most unlikely made free throw of the tournament

Coming into the Elite Eight game against Michigan State, Mangok Mathiang was a 48% free throw shooter, which is not very good — and exactly the guy you want to foul when the game is on the line. 76 more words


Thunder and Lightning

I’ve been rather blessed with my training over the last six months. There have been occasions when the weather has turned on me, from driving wind, biting cold and pouring rain, but there have also been many occasions when I’ve headed out early, made it back home and felt rather fortunate when the weather then turns bad. 1,268 more words

Training Day

Homeopathic nonsense

Of all the delusions out there, homeopathy is one of the worst. On the surface it seems fairly harmless, but dig deeper and you find that it messes with people’s heads. 657 more words


The most weird people in the world !!! (PHOTOS)

10. Leopard Man

67 y.o. Tom Leppard obviously had a lifelong dream . Becoming a leopard ! In his free time reading anything relating to leopards and updated from various forums . 653 more words


Some Thoughts on Obsessive Thoughts

I don’t think about it when I’m not sick. None of this madness, none of the highs or the lows or the voices or the crazies that lodge themselves into the crannies of my brain–it all just leaves. 228 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Ways of seeing

Painting by Felix Esterl

Old lady nodding on the sill
Do you see colours in the wind,
Taste the sound of water?
Do you trip with tender young feet… 59 more words


'Riding at the gates of Sixty' : seventy-four years on...

‘My tremor is pronounced; the fingers undulate separately to music I cannot hear. It is late, six in the evening, and my wife has not returned from walking. 920 more words

Riding At The Gates Of Sixty