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Song Challenge: Rolling in it

There is only one song to describe my marriage to the Mad Man. Rolling in the Deep by Adele. I was literally rolling in something deep. 675 more words

And we're all a little Mad....

Sometimes we just need a friendly reminder from our neighborhood Cheshire Cat…

When things get a little crazy and we feel a little bonkers, remember…… 7 more words

Goa Is a Goer 

Another week has passed and India still blows my mind. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the near misses in traffic, the masses of cows wandering through the streets, the smells that hit you walking through the markets. 721 more words

Thoughts of the night

I feel like I have to be completely healed and healthy in order to move forward. I feel like everything has to come together in order to move forward. 283 more words

Summer disturbed « LAST POST

Another captivating post from my childhood friend, Pippa Rathborne, which tells me much that I didn’t know about Gainsborough’s family.

Originally posted on LAST POST…

175 more words
Art & Design

Bathing in stars

Bathing in stars

Sparkling fireflies of the night,

With a penchant mystery for echoing lit solitude.

The secrets of the star with undetermined energy, 110 more words