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Marrying a Friend

“So, then I asked for some guacamole.”


“Because I was hot.  Hot.  You have no idea how hot it was in there. “

“But…guacamole?” 616 more words


An Overdue Welcoming Party

Chewing gum, sledding, peanut butter, new book smell, coffee, soccer games, and sleeping in. These are some things that are going through my brain at the current moment. 712 more words


Beyond the Darkside 33-6 to 15

The silence left in Isaac’s wake filled the expansive office like water filling a reservoir, and like water, it threatened to drown Aldric where he sat. 1,026 more words


The eye high

The eye is an art
It speaks so many things
Mines might say I've aged
Constantly in the future
In a world I don't exist… 55 more words


Bubblegum Cheshire

Hey cheshire cat

Make my sadness soft and warm,

Make them disappear.

This version of cheshie is a bit more rough around the edges dark messy brows, harsh lines radiating for whiskers and deep grunge purple. 17 more words

Coffee Shop Confrontations

If it was to pass without incident or event, without anger or altercation, I had to stay calm. There were no awards for foolishness, nor unprovable bravado. 118 more words