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Scare in the community

The local free paper reports that another self-styled ‘community centre’ run by religiots but underwritten by public money is now officially open. Oh dear.

Nobody seems to want to mention this, but the project was born when the Manx police closed their last community police house a few years back. 443 more words


I will wear red lipstick and cut off my hair, smoke sometimes; you will have had your sweet romance, and I will have had almost everything. 389 more words


The Nudists of Neptune

Alien life would be a very exciting and scary discovery! But, what humanity sometimes forgets is that, if there is intelligent life out there, they will probably have societies full of unique and quirky ‘people’ just like we do! 127 more words



Upon waking up
I saw the sky burning
as intricate as a story
as profound as a poetry

I waited for the fire
to bathe the earth in gold… 35 more words


Of Massages, Masseuses and Madness

Like every other touristy place, traveling to Kerala is fraught with cliches. And you have no choice but to succumb. And believe me – it is not always bad to do that. 703 more words

The Things That Happen To Me

Far Cry 3 is insane!

**SPOILERS!** This article is a discussion of plot elements in games, meaning that it contains many **SPOILERS!**

In Far Cry 3, you play as Jason Brody, who is lured to an “island where you can do anything”, only to be immediately captured by the violent Vaas and his gang of pirates. 2,037 more words

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An Ode to the Stars

Stars in the sky
can I ask why
you shimmer like gold?
Can you tell me too
how to get hold
of a glitter or two? 56 more words