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The moon tastes like strawberries tonight

When you love with your soul, your language has no word for “Goodbye”. When you love with your heart, there is no such thing as separation. 50 more words


Nintendo Bracket Madness - Day 14

The Jeff Bracket has a big time NES game on the board today with the 10th round pick of Dan, Megaman. The original Megaman is my favorite despite the sequels getting picked up earlier in the draft. 254 more words


What would you do if you found a note like this?

Even more chilling was the note pinned to the wall entitled “In Case of Fire …”. Another note explained what would happen to you if you failed to vacate the room by 11 AM. 35 more words


Woman finds ‘alien’ in a bottle of vinegar

1) Highly advanced, intelligent being leaves safety of distant home planet

2) Navigates perilous journey, carrying message of peace

3) Travels light-years in complete solitude… 13 more words


The Underground Ocean

Nearly three days had passed since their initial descent into the dark place. It was a foreboding series of cavernous tunnels and winding passageways beyond imagination comprised of impossible geometry and maddening metaphysics. 519 more words

Short Stories


in the beginning there is gazorbnik.
it springs on the scene while nothing else is going on by mere happenstance of infinitesimal possibility of negative nothingness3. 2,177 more words