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Losing it...

No innocent dream
She’s your guilty pleasure
A raw bloody wound
That just won’t heal over

Is she looking at me?
Does she see my soul? 76 more words


You Have Been Warned

Experience us

Experience this magnitude of everlasting Madness we gift to you.

Be our toy.

The master storyteller for the fallen and the saved.

Where are you? 81 more words

Rapper yA releases historic eight LP albums at once

The rapper known internationally as yA (Yeshua Alexander) has released a historic eight LP records at the same time. This is the first time in known music history that an artist has released as much music virtually overnight. 531 more words

Random Madness

This week, a lone lunatic driving an SUV in London decided it was time to mow people over on his way to breaching security at the Parliament Building. 512 more words

You are the sun

Didn’t they tell you?

You were the sun.

But handling the sunlight

Can be tricky business.

Not everyone

Can comfortably bath

In it.

Some find it scorching; 78 more words


He loved her like the
Sun was about to fall down
Like lightning and thunder
Would be their eternal crown
And then when he’d had his fill he walked away… 94 more words