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The Art of Falling - Part 1

The first of a three-part ghost story. Ish.

The air above his head is full of impossible animals. A blue giraffe, a purple elephant, a red crocodile; but at least the lion is yellow and the flamingo a lurid neon pink. 1,065 more words


I was told that every person in this world has madness in him.

…as for me, it is loving you.


2016, April 6 - 1414 - disquieting

some days are hectic (5)
everything is in a rush (7)
swirling around me (5)


Intergalactic Feels

Have you ever been into a point of your life wherein everything starts to weigh up in your chest and you have no idea where you’re headed? 544 more words

Miguel: A Soul

As a child growing up, though I was easily preoccupied with the joys kids encounter in things, I don’t believe I had the luxury of taking things for granted. 839 more words

The Constant Fight

It’s an exhaustion of sorts, my dear.

To fight day and night and still be so unclear.

It’s a problem of sorts, my love.

To know who you are and still not be able to show it here. 311 more words


Madness And Art

When our hearts
Remain stone-cold
Though the world
Is a burning flame,
That reality
Is a bittersweet delusion.

And once you dare
To surrender… 15 more words