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I Need My Finances To Find The Hem Of Jesus’ Garment…Quickly

My phone rang deep in the night as I was settling my head into my pillow. It was a dear friend calling from the US. 683 more words


Horsing Around

Falling in love is like riding a suicidal  horse. And I keep getting back up on this horse no matter how many times he tries to run off a cliff with me in tow. 206 more words


A Summary of Madness

After technically finishing the series on female madness, I’m left with a few thoughts that were not covered by the series itself, so I decided to summarize some of my thoughts after the research and writing. 2,028 more words

Red Pill

A Moment Madness

Soft peddling fingers

dancing across skin

passionately pilfers.. 50 more words

Would A Cheeto in Chief Actually Be That Bad?

There are only 11 days to go before the US election is upon us. Depending on who comes out the victor, half of the country will be in mourning for the next four years while the other half will move forward with muted optimism. 1,384 more words


Living without a phone

Since Samsung wants to be a butt about not exchanging phones and only allowing me to get a refund which takes 3 days to process and 10-15 days to receive the check… I may as well be phone-less for that time. 380 more words