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Florescent light in the evening,

And her creeping sadness drapped
around her shoulder.

She was lost, she knew it from the beginning.

A kind of lost, that being found would not requite at all. 341 more words


is this madness?

i keep seeing people where there shouldn’t be any and I don’t care much for it

-Cali Avatar


You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it…Robin Williams

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The Pentagon Can't Account for $21 Trillion (That's Not a Typo)

Let’s stop and take a second to conceive how much $21 trillion is (which you can’t because our brains short-circuit, but we’ll try anyway).

1. The amount of money supposedly in the stock market is $30 trillion.

133 more words
Government Madness

Spoken Word: "Sadistic Game" by D.C. Miller

SOMEHOW an escaped crazy person has made it to the New Pop Lit “Open Mic” microphone. Help!

Actually, it’s only mysterious writer D.C. Miller (who has placed some terrific fiction with us). 17 more words


The Icecream People

the lady has me temporarily off the bottle
and now the pecker stands up
however, things change overnight–
instead of listening to Shostakovich and… 241 more words