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The time when Madonna tried to be Peggy Lee

Madonna is many things – an impressive and generous performer, a solid songwriter, a brilliant trendsetter – but she was never a particularly strong singer. Her vocal limits doesn’t mean that she doesn’t often sound terrific on her records, but it means that she carries her music with her overpowering charisma and personality. 1,770 more words


Happy Birthday Kate Bush!

The legendary singer and certified gay icon is celebrating her birthday today.

Bush – who has long been popular within the LGBT community – is celebrating her 57th birthday today… 226 more words


Rant about ageism and sexism - toxic combo

I was looking at an article about Tom Cruise in the press and how he has a 22 year old girlfriend and is starring as an action hero in yet another ‘middle aged man saves the world’ boring Hollywood blockbuster, and it got me thinking about how extremely differently older men and women are treated in the press. 477 more words

Old New Borrowed Blue #5

This past Tuesday I went to Sonic Boom, a local Toronto based Record Store, and the vinyl I bought has been fairly indicative of what I’ve been listening since.   343 more words


Have some cheery pictures of the queen!

Giving and receiving some apparently masonic handshakes. Yes, really. Oh dear, isn’t it depressing – all this stuff hidden in plain sight. I think these are quite funny. 129 more words

Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' Tour Teases Pole-Dancing Nuns

Madonna has done plenty of crazy stuff over the years. It’d be hard not to, with a career spanning three decades and looking like it will stretch into a fourth. 196 more words