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Rhyme - Allah Made Water

Allah made water to drink, drink, drink.
Allah made water to wash, wash, wash
Allah made water to bath, bath, bath
Allah made water to brush, brush, brush… 25 more words


Week 6 - Jan 14 2016

Salaams mummies.

Here is a recap of our class on Jan 14.

We continued on our theme of 17th Rabiul Awwal by honoring the other personality who was born on that day, Imam Jafare Sadiq (AS). 281 more words


Rhyme - My Beloved Prophet

Action rhyme

My beloved Prophet
Anywhere he sat, (sit child on lap)
When somebody came to him
He stood up in a pat. (Pull up child to stand) 29 more words


Rhyme - Like RasoolUllah

Prop rhyme
Tune : Here we go round the mulberry bush.

Props needed – toothbrush, comb, nail cutter, clothes, perfume bottle, Quran.

This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth… 175 more words


Rhyme - Ya Muhammad Mustafa

Born in Makkah
Near the Kaaba
Into the arms of Aminah
Was Muhammad the last prophet
Mercy to Mankind

Ya Muhammad Ya Muhammad Ya Muhammad Mustafa… 84 more words