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Doctor Strange (2016, Scott Derrickson)

The only particularly bad thing in Doctor Strange is the music. Michael Giacchino strikes again with a bland “action fantasy” score. The score feels omnipresent; I’m not sure if it really is booming all throughout the film or if I was just constantly dreading its return. 1,040 more words

"DOCTOR STRANGE" (2016) Review


“DOCTOR STRANGE” (2016) Review

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) scored its first big box office hit of 2016 with the release of “CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR”. Six months later, the organization and producer Kevin Fiege scored another hit with its first adaptation of the Marvel Comics character, Doctor Strange. 1,666 more words


The Facts of Death: Casino Royale, Part XIII

“The big picture.”

These words, lifted from Bond’s chastisement at M’s hands earlier in the film, reverberate with a darker significance as Bond murmurs them to Le Chiffre.

1,336 more words

The Facts of Death: Casino Royale, Part XII

Dinner scenes have traditionally been a staple of the Bond formula, though they have dissipated with time as the series has come to privilege the spectacle of action over the spectacle of sensuality. 1,006 more words

Everything Wrong With Hannibal Season 2

The reason I am not doing Hannibal season one, isn’t because I think it’s perfect (it definitely isn’t, it has it’s fuck ups like the introduction of the character Abigail Hobbs and keeping her alive instead of instantly killing her off) it’s passable enough that I don’t really need to do a list. 3,436 more words


Face Journal: Uniquely Mad(s)

I’m currently working on adding Mads Mikkelsen to Skyrim! Woohoo! 375 more words


Casino Royale (2006, dir. Martin Campbell)

Bond battles a private banker for terrorists. Casino Royale does a lot of things well: a series reboot, an introduction to the Daniel Craig era, and a film that connects to its source novel. 19 more words

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