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Preparatory meeting

Golden jublee GC 11th & 12th June at Kodaikanal. Preparatory meeting at Dindigul underway 14-05-2016.


The Epic of Silappatikaram

Silappatikaram,the forgotten ignored epic of Ancient India that was ignored to be gradually forgotten by so called mainstream secular scholars!

Silappatikaram / Silappadhigaram / Silappatikaram, republished as “The Tale of an Anklet” is one of the Five Great Epics of Tamil literature and written / composed during Sangam Period ( 3rd Century BC – 4th Century AD ). 970 more words


Dravidian Ancestry

Photograph from my visit of the Madurai Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal in 2013. Would have loved to live during these times to see the full scope of this Rajput and Dravidian-styled palace of my ancestors. 27 more words


மதுரை, மதுரம்! மதுரம்!!

 அண்மையில், அவசர காரியமாக சில வாரங்களுக்கு பாரதத்திற்கு போய் வர நேர்ந்தது!

காய்கின்ற வெயில்தனில், ஆங்காங்கே தண்ணீர்பந்தலும் மோர் பந்தலும் அமைத்து சித்திரை தாகம் தணிக்கும் மதுரையில் மனிதம், அறிவியல், பூமி என எல்லாவற்றையும் யோசிக்கும் சிலரை சந்திக்க நேர்ந்த அனுவங்கள்!

கற்கை நன்றே!

The Time I Became Famous for Taking a Picture of a Public Toilet

Walking with the flow of the crowd surrounding the Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai, India, I turned the corner and saw a large billboard labeling the public toilet. 247 more words


Finding our Travel Smiles in Madurai, India

Women in colorful saris filled the street. The men wore cloth wrapped around their midsections and nothing else. Horizontal stripes of paint in red and white, representing the god Shiva, lined their foreheads. 306 more words


Madurai, where spirituality meets romance

Madurai is one of the oldest cities in the world, mentioned in ancient literature dating all the way back to 300 BC. I have always been fascinated by the city although I have hardly visited it. 1,908 more words

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