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A Week to Welcome February

We are welcoming February in style. Writers have written articles about how they would feel if you loved them. Get in to the page and notice how the talented writers have scribbled down their articles. 33 more words


Who is Going To Shine?

The articles written in Madva have a real sense of competition. Three competitors will try to shine out in the competitions. Madva needs two competitors to push each other to the limit against the two Sammy and Niccur on the Fever main event. 40 more words


If I Loved You, Topic

Well, we are yet to kick off the weekend in another style. Getting the competitors bring in the news they really deserve. From the Madva board; the topic is out. 80 more words



The competition that went down this week made a great turn in Madva. Sammy and Derrick gave their a hundred percent and got what they wanted. 94 more words


Sammy Wins For A Spot

Yesterday, Sammy made the impossible for himself. When the voting started on Friday, everybody seemed to see a champion; A person who would have won the competition was clearly ready to beat the all odds. 63 more words


Niccur hits 17th

Niccur’s essay is the 2019 most read essay by today. He hit the 17th position in the Madva’s writers board. It’s the all time position he got after being voted on by the Madva community. 44 more words