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This novel follows the path of Haargen and his daughter Prinhim as they try to find a way out of the war-ridden land of Erfullen. In a village on the outskirts of society, they find Farholt who agrees to lead them safely through the Hagwelt, a mountainous wilderness rumored to be full of all types of dangerous creatures.

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War Upon The Aegis

Keeping Pace

“Farholt!” Haargen called to him because the wretch had gotten some distance ahead. “Is there anywhere to stop and rest?”

Farholt made some gesture with his hand but Haargen could not tell if he meant that they were to keep going or that he knew a place not far from here. 585 more words

War Upon The Aegis

Maerin discusses Farholt

“Why Farholt has always done what he says he will is a mystery. I could think of a hundred reasons why someone might be like that and any one of them could be the reason Farholt does what he does. 75 more words

War Upon The Aegis

Warming the Room

The trees outside Mile End’s Salon Sweet William shuddered in a frigid wind, but inside Maerin Hunting warmed the room with an intimate performance of “I’ll Tell Ya,” a song telling a story from the perspective of a former crush, detailing her anticipation before anything happened. 330 more words