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Species survival in times of conflict- Maeve Brennan and Imran Perretta

Over the past five years the annual Jerwood/FVU Awards have been a sensitive weathervane for assessing the prevailing currents in moving image art and for demonstrating the new approaches and concerns of the next generation of MI artists (when supported with generous funding!) The £20,000 award allows the fortunate artist the time and resources to generate complex and carefully crafted films often involving extensive research and the coordination of a diverse team.  895 more words

Video Art Reviews

On Being a Spinster

Websters dictionary defines “spinster” as an unmarried woman of gentle family, especially one past the common age for marrying. I suppose that by that definition, I’m heading into spinster territory. 808 more words

Sorry for My Absence! Please Accept This Photo of Maeve Brennan as an Apology!

Hi all! My apologies for the lack of recent posts. We moved into a new apartment two weeks ago, and have been working overtime to settle into the new place. 25 more words


"Larkin with Women" in Eskdale

Who was “the one”?


Scene one. The poet, wrestling with the final verse of An Arundel Tomb, calls out to Monica: “Heraldic, two syllables, with oomph!” Fans in the audience bite their fists, and partners kick shins; it’s a play not a pantomime. 685 more words

The Springs of Affection, by Maeve Brennan

This summer I’ve discovered a surprising collection of short stories: The spring of Affection by Maeve Brennan.  Since I love Irish literature, I couldn’t but be inspired by this writer.  297 more words