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Beneath the ocean, a world of mountains

There are mountains in the sea.

From tens of thousands of extinct volcanoes rising thousands of meters from the ocean floor, to hundreds of thousands or even millions of smaller knolls, hills and ridges, seamounts are abundant features of the world’s ocean. 96 more words

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What St. Benedict & His Order Can Teach Today's Laity

The following article appeared on Catholic Exchange on July 9, 2020, in preparation for the feast day of St. Benedict on July 11. I am grateful to CE for publishing my work! 357 more words

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Humanity, Technology And The Pandemic Crisis (2020)

Kyriaki Papageorgiou, Humanity, Technology And The Pandemic Crisis, Forbes, Jun 10, 2020.

The speed and scale with which Covid-19 has spread over the course of just a few months are reconfiguring the way we think and act alongside technology to tackle grand challenges in times of crisis. 189 more words


Problematic statues and 'race war' (2020)

Problematic statues and ‘race war’
by Blake Smith, Washington Examiner, June 18, 2020

What we are in the habit of calling “identity politics,” and particularly political movements based on (somewhat contradictory) appeals to racial solidarity and anti-racism, depend on a “certain way of making historical knowledge work within political struggle.” So argued Foucault in… 73 more words

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Pandemic Conundrum: To Control Or To Trust? (2020)

Pandemic Conundrum: To Control Or To Trust? – Analysis, Eurasia Review June 27, 2020 By Yasmine Wong

The COVID-19 pandemic has blurred the boundaries between private and public life. 89 more words