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Mixed Media Workshop

Some random mixed media work today. Not entirely sure what I created. Mostly used magazine cuttings, photographs and thread.

COLOUR THEORY: Analysing and matching the Colours within my Chosen Artwork

I need to analyse my chosen artwork and decipher it in order to make work in response to it and so I decided to produce little… 158 more words


more experiments.

I keep experimenting.

I don’t know how I feel about these yet so any feedback would be awesome. especially if you hate it!

Following Doctors Orders...

Ok, i give in! Ive spent most of the day in my jim jams with the heating whacked up and the meal i’d planned for this evening has been shuffled further down the week. 164 more words

Meal Planning

Illustration taster..

Working hard or hardly working?

As a part of the illustration taster, I used magazine cuttings to create unique characters distorted with caricatured features. The magazine cuttings proved to be more interesting than the work itself as we neared lunchtime though.. 146 more words

Hull College