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my twisted fantasy on Love Street [original work by @jasperscolors on INSTAGRAM]

I loved you once. I will love you always until God divides the world beneath our feet. He has bigger plans for us.

We take what we know and turn them into action. 97 more words


You received his text today, he does think about you. I told you so.

And you thought he would never text you again. He cares for you deeply. He wants to know if you are still on the  path to self improvement and HAPPINESS! 86 more words


Amamiya Sora's "Ten" words

What are the 10 words that come to our mind when we think of Amamiya “Ten-chan” Sora? The January issue of Seiyuu Grandprix had a section where Amamiya Sora answered 10 words related to her. 1,020 more words


FabUPlus Spring Issue ‘18: Crossing Off Bucket List Goal

If you had told my sixteen year old self that someday I’d be able to walk in to a mainstream nationwide known store and buy a publication with my face in it and an article I wrote myself… I probably would have laughed and then cried. 486 more words

Plus Size

Inside the May 2018 issue

Here’s what you’ll find inside the May 2018 issue of Boys’ Life magazine. Remember, many articles are only available to subscribers and are not available online. 302 more words


My PC Gamer Interview - Extended Edition!

I was recently interviewed by Xalavier Nelson Jr. for an article in the May 2018 issue of PC Gamer magazine, as you may have heard already if you’ve been following me on… 1,635 more words

Game Writing

Cardigan Combats Plastic Pollution

After the disturbing scenes recently publicized on David Attenborough’s ‘Blue Planet’ showing plastic waste in our oceans, more and more towns and villages have been motivated to stop using plastic and turn to more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. 921 more words